What is the Stone Age : Facts about stone age

    Stone Age

    It is a prehistoric period, in which man relied on stones to make tools, he used various types of stones, cut and sculpted, and made many weapons, and divides

    the Stone Age into three sections, namely: the Old period of time, the Middle period of time, and the Neolithic Age In this article, we will give you information about the period of time.

    What is the Stone Age

    What is the Stone Age

    This is the time when the growth of human civilisations began and was characterised by different start and end from other eras, and there have been many changes during it,

    including climate changes that affected human culture, and the most important historical events witnessed in the period of time are the following:

    Human emergence in East Africa. Stone tools industry. Man controls fire. Live on catching, hunting, and travelling.

    Social life in the Stone Age

    The social and cultural level of the human groups that lived throughout the Paleolithic period varied, with many comprehensive evolutionary differences in its various stages,

    and the evolution of the human species from one stage to another. Homo erectus, which made the civilisation of Assyrian civilisation,

    and then a new type of humans emerged in the Middle Paleolithic, known as Neanderthals.

    Stone Age Sections Paleolithic

    The first period of time began with the emergence of man on the surface of the earth and continued until the year 10000 BC, and the man relied on to move from one place to another,

    also relied on hunting for food, and learned to set fire after lightning hit a wooden stick, ignited, and at the end of this The period learned to make many specialised tools,

    such as spears and needles, as well as painting on the walls of the caves where he lived.

    Middle Stone Age

    The Middle Stone Age began from 10000 to 4000 BC, where humans settled on the domesticated animals, and the use of tools made of polished stone,

    as it appeared in many industries, such as ceramics, textile, carpentry, and others,

    and it must be noted. This period was characterised by a mild climate that contributed to the provision of food.

    Modern Stone Age

    The dagger is one of the oldest iron tools formed by roads, where it was made before 1350 BC. One-city, complex political systems, and the invention of pottery.

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