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16 Facts That Prove Japan Is Not Like Any Other Country



The best place to buy secondhand luxury items.

Facts number 1. It’s the best place to buy worn luxury items designer items can be a good investment in the long term there are a lot of websites. Where you can buy secondhand items like bags shoes jewelry or clothes but not everything you see online is safe to buy in Japan, there are brick-and-mortar secondhand shops with some of the best selection of designer luxury items from vintage t-shirts to jeans Chanel bags even shoes the luxury market is huge in Japan and Tokyo is a well-known shopping destination even the secondhand market is enormous in Japan there consignment stores have unique selections, and you can trust them to show only an original items.

Streets have no names

Facts number 2. streets have no names wherever you go in the world you’ll find that cities are mapped in a similar way streets have names and numbers so you can easily find the address you’re looking for however in Japan this system does not oblige after World War two and some bad earthquakes they changed the address system they named blocks rather than streets and the buildings have the date they were built buildings are identified through signs showing the neighborhood block and then create a number only big streets and boulevards have names don’t worry though it’s easier to locate and understand everything once you have a map.

Take care of your luggage

Facts number 3. they take care of your luggage so you can enjoy traveling to an entirely new country requires a lot of luggage especially if you’re staying longer than seven days carrying a big suitcase a carry-on and a backpack to the metro system or the nearest taxi can be a hustle if you’re also tired and jet-lagged in Japan tourists can now travel knowing their luggage has taken care of all tourists visiting the country can benefit from luggage management directly to their hotel or airport this service costs between 17 and 22 dollars leave it to the Japanese to make your stay smooth and safe.

Eat KFC on Christmas

Facts number 4. they eat KFC on Christmas Eve fast food is that kind of meal you have when you’re in a rush or late at night right not in Japan, though they have a special place for Colonel Sanders chicken wings the Christmas Eve dinner didn’t expect that one how did you it might seem weird, but in Japan, during Christmas, you need to preorder your particular bucket Bucket in advance to appreciate it on Christmas Eve other than that KFC is not that popular yearly over four million people have KFC on this holiday.

Products look like the one in the ads

Facts number 5. products look like the one in the ads we all know that burgers and lattes don’t look as see or as good as the one we see in menus, Photoshop is better than reality but not in Japan it’s probably one of the only places where food is depicted in the ads just as it is in real life, restaurants have plastic replicas of the dishes, so people know what they’re getting and if a product is advertised in a way it will look that way in real life no surprises when it comes to food and expectations in this country what you see is what you get.

Drug policies make no excuse for celebrities

Facts number 6. there are drug policies make no excuse for stars Japan has the strictest rules when it comes to drugs they don’t mess with any drugs not even when it comes to big names and people in business since the Second World War ended policies have become more and more strict even toward tourists and celebrities so far Paris Hilton has been banned from entering the country after she pleaded not guilty to a drug charge and Sir Paul McCartney spent nine days in jail for trying to bring a half-pound of marijuana with him, in the 1980s some of their local celebrities have also been jailed for drug use or possession as well.

Bus strikes don’t affect citizens

Facts number 7. bus strikes don’t affect citizens how many times have you been delayed or affected by a crisis in the public transportation the system, whether it’s a taxi subway or a bus, know that in Japan strikes happen too, but they don’t affect running hours or citizens when a the strike is ongoing bus drivers or taxi drivers will show up to work do their job as usual but fail to charge any money for the rides meaning the public transportation companies will lose money each day the strike goes on Japan knows how to make a statement.

Rent a friend for the night

Facts number 8. you can rent a friend for the night keeping friendships over the years is the pretty hard adult company is viewed differently in Japan hence why so many Japanese people are lonely or even depressed to soothe that need a new market is emerging in Japan one that allows people to rent a friend, although it is a bit weird kind of service is often used as a company or to save face it can cost. you up to $1,000 per night and it doesn’t involve any sexual favors only company if you don’t know where to find one there are companies offering this kind of service no need to go asking around corners.

Get free umbrellas and tissue paper

Facts number 9. you can get free umbrellas and tissue paper everywhere Japan has quite a lot of rainfall throughout the year because they care so much about their society and the well-being of its people most buildings and stores have free umbrellas you can take whenever it rains these umbrellas can be taken from the lobby and then dropped off at another building their sole purpose is to help you through the rain, so you don’t have to carry an umbrella with you everywhere some elevators in Japan have weather updates letting you know if it’s raining or not outside and if you walk down the street you’ll be given free tissue paper as well it’s no wonder Japan is doing so well.

A luxury bullet train

Facts number 10. they have a luxury bullet train super fast and accurate trains are a defining part of Japanese culture they’re well known for having some of the best railroads and services in the world, they’re bullet trains as some call them are going to have a new update a the luxury train that takes people through the most scenic landscapes of Japan the amazing eight-car trains have some of the best luxuries interiors and services around there’s a bar a pianist and a kid’s face where the library and cute corners but you should know the Royal Express has quite expensive offers a cruise plan starts at $1,000 and goes up depending on your preferences the train will have more. routes are starting in 2020 on the other side.

Robots will soon take over humans

Facts number 11. robots will quickly take over humans besides capsule hotels there is another weird thing in Japan’s hotel industry robots instead of humans helping you with your booking some robots greet you nowhere else in the world has this kind of human interaction being replaced with robots in Japan a lot of machines and robots seem to be doing human tasks and since they’re so advanced and tech-savvy we’ll be seeing more robots doing human jobs in the future, and since we’re talking about Japan we bet these robots are very kind and probably speak multiple languages.

Supermarkets have small kitchen areas

Facts number 12. supermarkets have small kitchen areas where you can have instant food Japan is big on ramen and instant noodles their supermarkets are full of crazy flavored chips and snacks some of their stores called conbini to allow you to warm up food or make instant noodles in their particular kitchen area how many stores have you seen with a small kitchen there is even a seating area where you can enjoy your meal these stores also have machines where you can buy concert tickets plane tickets or pick up your parcels.

The country with the most three Michelin star

Facts number 13. it’s the country with the most three Michelin star restaurants if you think North America and Europe have the greatest restaurants then you need to go to japan for a full Michelin star experience it’s the country with the most Michelin star restaurants in the world and as you can imagine France comes second there are 28 3 Michelin star restaurants in Japan and about 400 others with 1 and 2 stars this means you can have exquisite dinners all over the country especially in the big cities and since they have great food even in the vending machines you won’t have a problem finding something good to eat.

poisonous sushi at luxury restaurants

Facts number 14. you can eat poisonous sushi at luxury restaurants when visiting Japan there are a few delicacies one must try the most controversial is pufferfish a highly poisonous fish that’s very popular it goes under the name fugu, and there are restaurants with trained chefs that serve the dish it can be eaten as sashimi or cooked chefs that cook this fish need to take a three-year course on how to cook it and slice it and the knives used to cut the fish are stored separately a few people have died from eating this fish although it can be found in Michelin star restaurants a bit of this risky meal can cost you somewhere between 100 to 300 dollars depending on the restaurant.

everything has Braille writing

Facts number 15. everything has Braille writing having facilities for disabled people is very important for any big city in Japan most cans and public places have Braille writing on them so blind people can safely consume canned products the cities also have raised yellow lines on the sidewalk, so they can navigate the cities safely, you’ll also find Braille writing in elevators ATMs and even on shampoo bottles or the toilet this makes Japan a very safe and comfortable country for visually impaired people there are also facilities for other disabilities as well because Japan cares for all of its citizens there are probably many other things that make Japan unique and unusual, but we’re letting you guys discover them for yourself on your upcoming trip to this country all countries have something beautiful to offer, but some manage to draw people in like magnets whether it’s about technology landscapes people or food some nations are on everyone’s bucket list do we have any other Japan lovers here with us let us know in the comments why you love Japan and why everyone should visit the Land of the Rising Sun and for sticking with us to the end what could that possibly mean of course your bonus here it is.

The 1980s a square meter in Ginza

Facts number 16. in the 1980s a square meter in Ginza was worth 885 million dollars real estate is usually expensive even more so if we’re talking about an expensive city like Tokyo or New York this city had an economic bubble back in the 80s, and it was intense aa square meter in Ginza area, the most famous and luxurious space, nowadays was worth over 30 million yen in dollars that’s around 885 million for a small piece of land back in the 80s nowadays prices in the Ginza area are still high just thankfully not that high thank you for spending some time with us.

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