6 Types of love in psychology

Types of love in psychology

Love is the finest and most beautiful human feelings, and it is a cause of happiness, for love in its general sense is the abundance of emotions and feelings that a particular person feels towards another person, so he yearns for him and wants to stay near him for the longest possible time,

and he never wishes to leave him, love is a human and emotional state, analyzed by many From psychologists, they put a lot of definitions and types for it, but from an organic scientific point of view,

love comes from the mind, not the heart. It is a set of sensory signals that the brain makes, and the heart and the rest of the body feel. We will present the types of love in psychology during this article.

Types of love in psychology

The stages of love according to psychology

It is desirable: it is considered the first stage of love. It urges a person to begin to tend to another person and approve of his characteristics, loves them, and tends to monitor him and know his details.

Admiration: It is the second stage of love, which is the end of the thread to start feelings of love, where love shows his passion for someone’s characteristics and not others.

Familiarity: It is a beautiful and full stage of comfort and tranquility to the beloved, where the lover feels that he deserves the presence of his beloved, just as he feels lonely in his absence, and begins to worry about his beloved with his beloved.

Passion: the highest ranks of love and its most potent stages, and at this point, the lover begins to lose control of his feelings, refrains from rational thinking about his beloved, and is dragged into his feelings without being concerned about the results or consequences.

Types of love in psychology

Love has many types from the point of view of psychology, as it divides it according to the thoughts and feelings the lover feels, and according to the way he behaves, and it is worth mentioning that one person can experience all kinds of love at once and without feeling, according to the circumstances surrounding him, and the most important Types of love in psychology include:

Noble Love: It is love that abounds with emotions, feelings, tenderness, and friendship, and it is the opposite of vile love, in which the lover views the promises of his beloved as sacred things and must be adhered to.

Romantic love “Eros”: It is considered the most kind of love that inflames feelings, and it inflames the feelings of the body and emotion at the same time, as the amount of emotion in it is very large, and in most cases, it falls into this type of love people who fall in love at first sight, and they consider that Their lover is a perfect and perfect person.

Subliminal love: This kind of love is the opposite of noble love, and it is considered a type of entertainment, and his passion is never sincere, and it does not contain commitment or sincerity.

Weak love: the lover lacks self-esteem, and this is why he constantly searches for love to feel safe, and in this type of love, the lover appreciates the loved one at an exaggerated degree sometimes.

Rational love: It is love based on the mind and not based on the heart and passion, in which the beloved chooses his beloved on certain grounds such as the ability to harmony, the number of common characteristics, attraction.

Donor Love: This kind of love condenses with giving and health, whereby the lover considers his beloved to be a divine blessing, and it is absolutely necessary to preserve it.

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