Top 15 Cool Moon Facts Interesting facts about Moon

    Moon is only the earth’s natural satellite and according to science 4.6 billion years ago around sone 30 to 50 years after the formation of the solar system.

    Interesting facts about Moon
    Interesting facts about Moon

    Moon Profile

    Diameter of Moon is 3475 killmeter

    Moon orbits is the Earth

    The Mass of Moon is 7.35* 10^22 kg 10.01 earth)

    Period of Orbit is 27.3 Days

    Moon Surface Temperature -233 to 123c

    Interesting Moon facts

    One Sunrise to the next last about 29.5 earth days on average a full day on the moon

    Last 41 years No man has been on the moon.

    (1.48 IN) a year Moon moving away from us.

    The Moon is not Full round but egg shaped.

    Earth Moon is bigger than Pluto.

    A study found people ecperience sleep better during the new moon and worse sleep during a full moon.

    Bule moon if there are two full moons in the same month second one is called bule moon.

    The firs man to pee on the moon is buzz aldrin.

    Seen earth from the moon aslo goes through phases.

    The name of buzz aldrin’s mother;s maiden was moon.

    7% of americans believe the moon landing was a hoax a 2013 survey found.

    Internet High-speed on the moon 19 mbps.

    Our Earth has just one moon, Jupiter has 67 moons uranus has 27 moons neptune 14 mars 2 saturn 62.

    According to astronauts Moondust smells like gunpowder.

    In 1969 journey on the moon apollo 11 astronauts neil armstrong and buzz aldrin were of the first hot dogs food eaten on the moon

    if you are weught 150 lb on the earth the weight would only 25 lb on the moon.

    First words on the Moon were Buzz aldrin’s “beautiful view”

    Government was spending to much money on space in 1960s americans didn’t support the idea of a moon landing thought.

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