5 Interesting facts about Timbuktu

By | November 6, 2019

Timbuktu facts. The city of Timbuktu or Timbuktu is a desert city dubbed the jewel of the Sahara, one of the historical cities located in West Africa specifically in Mali, and is one of the most important capitals in it, and is a gateway between West and North Africa, and a meeting place for caravans from Todni, Libya and Niger. This city, in the eleventh century at the hands of several African tribes and its inhabitants are Sangai, Gulan, Arabs, and Tuaregs. This France-led city The city is characterized by mud houses built from the sands of the desert ocean, and mud mosques in the city of Timbuktu were classified as a landmark of human heritage.


Information and facts about the city of Timbuktu

  • The population of Timbuktu The majority of the population of the city of Timbuktu Tuareg and supporters and their allies, and there are many population groups that originate in the Idrisis and many peoples of African descent.
  • The climate of Timbuktu, The temperature in Timbuktu, is very high, hindering the movement of tourists and travelers, so the period between the end of July and the end of November is one of the best periods to visit the city.

Tourism in the city of Timbuktu 

  • Timbuktu is one of the most famous cities in the Islamic University, which contains Islamic writings since ancient origin in Cairo, Persia, and Baghdad, and has about 25 thousand students, and contains many documents written in Arabic and include the most important sciences such as law, medicine, and engineering. These documents are a treasure of Islamic heritage.
  • There are many beautiful historical places in the city such as mosques Djingareber and Sidi Yahia and Sankar, built in the fourteenth century and the fifteenth century, although the number of tourists to this city is very small, so that only very few travelers, in addition to many From the ruins of the city has been stolen by black market traders and thieves.
  • Timbuktu is characterized by its location on the Niger River, which is characterized by the proliferation of savannah trees around it, which disappeared as a result of desertification, these weeds do not germinate because of the lack of rain, has been characterized by trekking ride camel, which was a poetic trip characterized by Timbuktu, and this city is listed on the list of threatened cities In 1990, many repairs were made, restoring its beauty and luster.

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