The largest dam in the world Complete Info

    The largest dam in the world

    The largest dam in the world. The culture of dam construction has been known since ancient times, but it has recently evolved considerably, and the number of barriers has been increasing in various parts of the globe.

    According to its importance, multiple countries in the world started to compete and compete in its construction, despite the high cost of material and changes the nature of its construction, and expose its daughters to many dangers during the construction process, but this did not prevent the construction;

    because of the availability of clean hydroelectric energy, it produces electricity that eliminates the use of oil and coal in the generation of electric power. Substantially reduce the problem of environmental pollution.

    Definition of the dam is defined as an engineering building, constructed with the purpose of collecting and reserving water.

    Dams are classified according to their shape and materials used in addition to the purpose of their construction.

    The most common and common types of dams are made of earth or rock materials by an earth mould.

    Its facade is made of concrete with protective supports.

    The largest dam in the world

    The Three Gorges Dam is the largest dam in the world.

    The Three Gorges Dam the largest dams in the world in terms of the amount of electricity generated on the way, it is one of the major power plants power electricity in the world, estimated the amount of energy produced by the equivalent amount of energy generated by 34 large power plant,

    which is equivalent to the amount of the energy produced by the burning of 50 million tons of coal, or 25 million tons of crude oil.

    The Three Gorges Dam was built at the expense of many of China’s most beautiful areas. More than 1,000 archaeological sites have been submerged. Despite the fact that the strength of the dam and its ability to withstand the strongest earthquakes, but in the event of its collapse is expected to kill millions of people living close proximity and the estimated 360 million people. The dam is 7.661 feet long and 600 feet high.

    It is built of concrete and steel. Approximately 510,000 tons of steel have been used. It contributes to the access to large quantities of ocean water to it and prevents flooding in that area.

    The goal is to build the Three Gorges Dam.

    The Chinese government approved the decision to build the dam in 1992, and began in 1994 and ended in 2006. The objectives of the construction of the dam are as follows:

    Power Generation: 84.6 billion kWh of hydroelectric power is generated from the dam, which is clean hydroelectric or non-polluting, making China less dependent on the use of environmentally polluting coal for power generation.

    Flood Reduction: There have been many floods in China throughout history, especially in the Yangtze River, which has claimed thousands of lives and caused considerable damage and damages. The dam controls nearly 22.15 billion cubic meters of water, reducing Get flooding.

    Tourism: The Three Gorges Dam is the largest hydroelectric or hydraulic dam in the world, making it a magnet for tourists from around the world.

    Maritime: The dam allows large vessels to move, and large cargo is transported to the sea in Shanghai.

    Hoover Dam: Hoover Dam is located in America, and is ranked third in terms of magnitude. The Hoover Dam, built on the Colorado River between Nevada and Arizona, began in 1931 and ended in 1935. It is 379 meters long, 221 meters high, and its reservoir allows to store 36 billion cubic meters of water.

    The largest dams in the world The Three Gorges Dam is the largest in the world, and there are many large dams in different places around the world, arranged from the largest to the least massive.

    Itaipu Dam: It is second only to the Three Gorges Dam and was built in Brazil to generate enough hydropower for its population. Engineers began work on the dam after finding that the best place to build it is the Paraná River, which is classified as the seventh-largest river among the rivers of the world, which is located on the border of Paraguay, began work in 1975 and ended in 1984, and the length of the dam 7979 m, the height of Faisal It has a water tank of 29 billion cubic meters.

    Ataturk Dam: Ataturk Dam in Turkey is located on the Euphrates River in southeastern Anatolia. It includes eight turbines that generate electricity.

    Almendra Dam: Almendra Dam in Spain is located on the River Tormes.

    The Guri Dam: The Guri Dam was built in Venezuela in 1978. It reached 1,300 meters in length, and its height is 16 meters. Its water storage capacity is about 135 billion cubic meters.

    Akosombo Dam: The Akosombo Dam is located in Ghana, Africa. It was built in 1965 on the Volta River with a height of 134 meters and a length of 700 meters. The main objective of the dams was the production of hydropower.

    Grand Dixens Dam: The Grand Dixens Dam in Switzerland is located in the Alps, where snow and Dixens River waters are collected, and other rivers are collected; it has a storage capacity of 4 million cubic meters of water and has reached a height of 285 m. More than 100 km of tunnels.

    Bridging the North Sea: Located Dam North Sea in the Netherlands; and it was the primary goal of its construction is the face of flooding the North Sea and the protection of land , including, where the majority of the Dutch territory is located at a low level above sea level, and includes the dam made from the gates of steel open in natural conditions; The waves are free to move, and when flooding, Dutch territory is protected by closure.

    Bennett Dam: Bennett Dam in Canada, one of the dams in Canada, was built in 1968 at an altitude of 186 m and a length of 2086 m. The dams provide Canada with approximately 62% of its electricity needs.

    Three Gorges Dam project

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