Telenor Questions Today 31 July 2020 | My Telenor TODAY Question | Telenor App Today Quiz

    Telenor Questions Today 31 July 2020

    Telenor Question No 1 How is Eid Ul Adha Celebrated?

    The answer is Animal Sacrifice


    Telenor Question No 2 Which animals can not be slaughtered as a sacrifice?

    The answer is Chicken


    Telenor Question No 3 What do most of the families do with meat?

    The answer is Cook fancy meals


    Telenor Question No 4 During Eid-ul- Adha how many days do you have to complete your animal’s sacrifice?

    The answer is 3 Days


    Telenor Question No 5 Along with meat festivities, You can send eidi and gift offers through —– while staying at home?

    The answer is Mytelenor App


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