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50 amazing facts to blow your mind

Here are 50 amazing facts to blow your mind. When he collided with another player during a basketball game, from that point on, he spoke and sang with a less posh accent and more of a street accent. The tusks of an elephant can weigh up to 200 pounds and grow up to 10 feet… Read More »

50 Random & Interesting Facts About Literally Everything

50 Random & Interesting Facts Here are 50  Random & Interesting Facts About Literally Everything #1. (exploding) No suspect was ever caught or charged for the 1982 Tylenol murders in Chicago that killed seven people. #2. The last time that all the planets in the solar system were aligned was 561 BC, and the next… Read More »

The largest bird in the world

The largest bird in the world The birds belong to the vertebrates of warm-blooded vertebrates, with more than 10,400 species, all of which are characterised by their body covered with feathers, and that the front limbs have turned into wings. Birds vary in size, the smallest of which is the hummingbird up to 6.3 centimetres… Read More »

How to become great ? 4 things you must do to become great

How to become great? To Be Great, You Could Start With These Tips How to become great? Organize your daily life Personal matters should be arranged. Daily life should be considered and organized, perhaps by going to bed early. Paying attention to the cleanliness of your clothes. Put them in the right place. Wearing what is appropriate… Read More »

How to learn drawing

What is Drawing and How to learn drawing? Draw Painting is one of the art forms of plastic, known as Fine expression on the surface, using lines, or spots, or any tool, it is possible to record drawing thoughts, notes, and scenes in certain moments, it can also be an act preparatory to a means… Read More »

Interesting Facts about bees and info

How many bee eyes Interesting Facts about bees The number of bee eyes The bee has five eyes, three of which are located at the front of its head in the form of three black dots. These eyes are pure eyes that can only explore light through them, but they do not distinguish the types,… Read More »

Who is Nelson Mandela ?

Nelson Mandela Nelson Rowley Hilala Mandela, the first president of African descent to South Africa between 1994 and 1999, was chosen in elections that included all races and races in South Africa, and is the President of the African Council and Secretary-General of the Special Movement of Non-Aligned Racial racism, poverty, and inequality of rights… Read More »

Facts about Japan and Complete Information about japan

Japan Facts Japan is one of the countries of Asia, located between the Pacific OceanThe Sea of ​​Japan, an area of ​​377873 square kilometers, which the Chinese called a bright land or the source of the sun for the most in the world, Japan consists of 47 prefectures, which can be divided according to geography… Read More »

Facts about man

Facts about the human brain   The average weight of the human brain at birth is 350-400 grams and grows four times its original size until it reaches about one and a half kilograms at puberty. The human brain is made up of approximately 75% water, plus fat and protein. The average adult brain contains… Read More »