Collection of amazing scientific facts

Amazing scientific facts

scientific facts

Scientific facts
Since the existence of man on this earth and seeks to explore its mysteries and secrets, evolution has contributed from the scientific and technological in facilitating.

The processes of research and study of the universe and its creatures and plants, and in this article. We will introduce you to a set of scientific facts that surprised scientists, which reached in Ancient and modern times.

A collection of amazing scientific facts

Facts about animals and plants

The dog has its own fingerprint that distinguishes it from other dogs but is taken from his nose, not from his fingers or toes.

Scientists have found that it is possible to infer the presence of ultraviolet rays using hummingbirds, and they have shown that rattlesnakes can see infrared, invisible to humans.

Apples are a more potent stimulant than coffee, tea, and other beverages that are high in caffeine, so it is recommended to take them in case you feel lazy or tired.

Scientific facts about the man

Humans share a chimpanzee with 99% of their genetic traits, so the argument that intelligence is inherited is false since the human genetic map does not contain an inherited intelligence.

The human body contains a proportion of iron metal, enough to make a nail up to more than 7 cm.

Females have a greater sense of taste than males. Females can distinguish flavors and differentiate them from their presence.

The eye can see the colors and distinguish them with a sense of reflection from objects and materials. And, therefore, the human can not actually be sure whether the color he sees is the true color.

For example, when we look at the leaf we say that it is green, but it can carry a color other than green.

Scientific facts about the universe and inanimate objects

Stars see their light after tens, hundreds, or even thousands of years. They can see a star in the sky that is dead, transformed, or disappeared.

A group of the most important. European scientists attempted to create a masculine and feminine genus for different minerals until the 18th century, thinking of making them reproduce naturally like living things.

The height of the Eiffel Tower in. France in the summer increases by about 15 cm. In the past, rocket science was called. Goddard’s Foolishness, because scientists at the time thought that rocketing into outer space was impossible.

When Robert Goddard experimented with the missile, he accused him of failing. His knowledge of physical laws, and gave his experience the name of “Godard’s folly.”

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