Queen angelfish | queen angelfish facts

By | June 29, 2019
Queen angelfish

Queen angelfish

The vibrantly colorful queen angelfish inhabits tropical coral reefs in the western Atlantic. Their bright coloration helps them to blend in with the surrounding reef. These fish can grow up to 18 inches (46 cm) and inhabit depths down to 230 feet (70 m)They can be easily identified by the dark ring spot on their forehead that resembles a crown.

Their slim body allows them to effortlessly slip between corals and sea fansAdult angelfish mostly feed on sponges and algae with their brush-like teethJuveniles will feed on parasites by picking them off the skin of larger fish. Queen angelfish are typically found swimming alone or in pairs.

During spawning season, a pair of angelfish will release sperm and eggs into the water. A female can release millions of eggs during each spawning cycle. The fertilized eggs will drift with the current and hatch into juvenile larvae.

The juveniles feed on plankton for around a month until they grow large enough to settle closer to the bottom of the reef. Reef juveniles have blue bars running across their bodies. They can live up to 15 yearsThe queen angelfish is not currently endangered, However, they are frequently harvested from the wild for sale as aquarium fish

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