psychological facts about love and crushes

42 psychological facts about love and crushes


facts about love

1. Romantic Love lasts a year. After that, attachment love sets in.

2. According to some psychologists, humans can not be friends with members of the opposite sex alone.

3. according to a study, a woman is more attracted to a man when she is uncertain about how much he likes her.

4. If you want to know if you love someone, look at their eyes, the pupil expands as much as 45% when we are in Love.

5. Mimicry is a sign of studies that have shown appeal that we imitation the actions of people were attracted to.

6. when you become close to someone, you can hear their voice in your head when you read their texts.

7. People generally prefer an attractive face over a beautiful body when they are looking for a long term relationship.

8. Psychologically, you can’t just be friends with someone you’ve loved.

9. Love-Based on a psychological study, a crush only lasts for a maximum of 4 months if it exceeds you re already in Love.

10. When a guy finds a female appealing, he may stick his gut, flex his muscles, and take the posture that makes him appear taller and stronger.

11. Hugs that have been releasing a chemical in your body for more than 20 seconds, called oxytocin, make you trust someone else.

12. Couples that laugh together for at half 10 minutes a day are more probable to have a better connection.

13. A study discovered that fit legs are, according to males, the sexiest part of a female.

14. If a man likes a woman, he can’t help but tell his friends about her.

15. If you keep somebody you love with your hands. It can assist mitigate both physical pain and stress and fear.

16. According to research, there is 90 percent that this individual is not interested in you if you are always the one to first write a person.

17. You create a permanent feeling within 5 seconds of meeting someone based on the following order ‘ How they look second, how you sound, and third what you say.

18. It is impossible to remain angry at someone you genuinely love. Anger lasting for more than three days indicates that you’re not in Love.

19. Love can leave a memory nobody can steal, but also leave a pain that no one can heal.

20. The more that you speak of someone, the more that person you fall in love with.Love

21. Lovers also synchronize their heart rates when they look in each other’s eyes.

22. Sleep-deprived men are more likely to assume that women want to have sex with them.

23. After breaking up, men in their early twenties feel more emotional pain than females.

24. In their partners, people prefer symmetrical faces because they are unconsciously thought to have better genetics.

25. Women’s tears have been biologically demonstrated to lower the concentrations and excitement of testosterone in men.

26. After 34 minutes of talk, a woman already knows it there is a potential of having a long-term relationship with the man or not.

27. Men are more drawn to females who have a bone structure similar to their mothers ‘ structure.

28. Studies have shown that it is contagious for happiness. I can be difficult for individuals to walk away from someone happy or unloved someone who is sunny simply because they so enjoy enjoyable to be around.

29. Women thought that when they saw other females smiling at them, males became more appealing.

30. People are most probable to break up once in their relationships they hit the three to five-month period.

31. Men who have deeper voices are more probable than males who have greater voices to appear appealing or create an impression on females.

32. Merely looking at a picture of a loved one can help relieve pain.

33. Research has shown that intense of traumatic events, such as breakups divorce a person’s core, Physical distance, or a loved one’s loss may lead to actual physical pain. This is an actual condition knows as broken heart syndrome.

34. The easy act of expressing appreciation to individuals you love will produce an instant spike of happiness.

35. Be cautious if you get dumped or have been a dumper. Being dumped could lead to frustration attraction only means that the individual who was dumped will love and lust the person who dropped them even more.

36. Commitment rings are often worn on the left hand’s fourth finger because of the ancient Greeks claiming that this finger includes the vena amoris or the love vein running directly to the core. Love

37. The word love comes from the lubhyati of the Sanskrit, meaning desire.

38. Women around the globe are more likely to fall in love with partners with ambition-based educational wealth, respect, status, sense of humor, and who are greater than females also prefer unique cheekbones and a powerful jawbone related to testosterone concentrations. Love

39. On the other hand, women often feel loved when speaking face to face with their partner males when working, playing, or speaking side by side; they often feel mentally near.

40. 23% of the couple who meet through online dating end up marrying.

41. People with comparatively cautious and reliable partners tend to perform better in the workplace, earn more promotions making more cash and feel more satisfied with their research-based employment.

42. A study found that 52% of females say that their spouse is not their soulmate.


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