Ghost shark facts and Information about Ghost Shark

Ghost shark facts and Information ghost shark facts Chimaeras are large-eyed cartilaginous fish that primarily inhabit the deep ocean. There are around 40 different species. Many of these species were just discovered within the last 15 years. Chimeras are relatively abundant and can be found in all oceans around the world, most commonly from 650… Read More »

Chiton facts For kids and information about chiton

Interesting Chiton facts For Kids Chiton facts Titans are primitive marine malice with eight overlapping shell plates made of aragonite. The plates provide protection from predation. Their shell is surrounded by tough flesh called the girdle. There are about 500 different species of chitons. Depending on the species, chitons can besmooth, scaly or spiny. Most… Read More »

Bottlenose Dolphin Facts and Information For kids

Bottlenose Dolphin Facts bottlenose dolphin facts Bottlenose dolphins are highly social marine mammals that live in temperate and tropical waters around the world. They may live in groups of 100s or only a few individuals. These dolphins are fast swimmers, reaching up to 22 miles per hour. They commonly feed on fish, squid, and crustaceans,… Read More »

Interesting Facts About People Born In March.

Interesting Facts About People Born In March The month of March is one super month. March is the third month and it comes right after the rush of the new year. The month may not be all glamorous but, it does help us evaluate our goals for the year and check if we’re on track.… Read More »

How many seconds in a day? Seconds in a Day

How many seconds in a day? interesting facts about time The answer is 86400 Seconds in a day How many seconds in 10 days? The answer is 864000 Seconds 900 seconds to minutes The answer is 15 Minutes 86400 seconds to days The answer is one day 5000 hours to days The answer is 208.3… Read More »

Psychological Interesting Facts about yourself

Some psychological interesting facts about yourself. That you probably don’t know. Today’s The post we will take a look at 10 psychological facts about yourself. So take a seat because these are quite revealing and some of them might even surprise you. Psychological Interesting Facts about yourself No 1. Self-reference effect Number one. Self-reference effect… Read More »

Interesting Facts About Baby Cheetahs

interesting facts about baby cheetahs and cheetahs for kids let’s learn interesting facts about cheetahs. Cheetahs are mammals the cheetah is a member of the big cat. Family cheetahs are smaller than other members of the big cats such as lions and tigers. Cheetahs have a long body covered with fur the fur is dotted… Read More »

Interesting Facts about Saudi Arabia

if you want to know some of the most Interesting Facts about Saudi Arabia then keep Reading. Because that’s what we are discussing in this Post so without any further ado let’s begin. Saudi Arabia is an oil-rich Middle Eastern country bordering with Yemen Oman the United Arab Emirates Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, and Jordan. It… Read More »

WTF fun facts | interesting, and weird facts

wtf fun facts There are so many cultures that take their beauty standards seriously, and sometimes it can seem a bit brutal. Prepare to be shocked with these 10 Unbelievable Facts interesting facts about Unusual Women Beauty standards around the world. wtf fun facts Teeth filing, Indonesia In Indonesia, it is customary for boys and… Read More »

Fun Dolphin Facts for Kids Interesting facts about Dolphins

Let’s learn interesting facts about dolphins! There are more than 40 species of dolphins on earth. Some are small, and some are big. Most live in the ocean, but some live in rivers.we are going to talk about today. Even though they live in the water, dolphins are mammals! That means they are warm-blooded, they… Read More »

Fun Facts For kids you probably didn’t know

Fun facts for kids about Farm Animal Farm Animal Facts: fun facts for kids about Cow: there are around 11 million cows in the United States. A cow chews about 50 times in a minute, which means their jaws move about 40,000 times a day. All cows are female. Males are called bulls and they… Read More »

Mercury Facts 20 Interesting facts about planet Mercury

interesting facts about Mercury: The Basics interesting facts about Mercury. The Basics With a diameter of 4,876 kilometers, Mercury is only slightly bigger than our moon! Apart from its size, its surface looks very similar to it. Actually, it shows extensive moon-like basaltic plains that are created by volcanic eruptions, heavy cratering, wrinkle ridges, mountains,… Read More »