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Donald Trump facts

About Donald Trump Donald Trump is one of the most prominent figures who were born and lived in the United States of America, and he is also a business leader and holder of a tremendous wealth worth billions, as he is an American author and a very famous TV personality, Donald Trump’s intention to run… Read More »

Husky Dog facts and information

husky dog facts Husky dogs are among the best and most famous breeds of dogs and are a requirement for many dog ​​breeds due to their good and western characteristics at the same time, as they are friendly and improve the behavior of all people even with children without causing them any harm, but in… Read More »

What do rabbits eat

Rabbits are warm-blooded mammals and have a backbone, and their weight ranges between one pound or less to four pounds or more. These furry creatures that have a whitetail that looks exactly like a cotton ball can be found all over the world and they love to live in Groups, and they can survive depending… Read More »

6 Types of love in psychology

Types of love in psychology Love is the finest and most beautiful human feelings, and it is a cause of happiness, for love in its general sense is the abundance of emotions and feelings that a particular person feels towards another person, so he yearns for him and wants to stay near him for the… Read More »

Top 14 Duck facts

14 interesting facts about Duck Duck facts There are many shapes and sizes for ducks; they vary depending on the type of breed they belong to. All duck breeds in the world are originally traced to the wild species called Mallard. Millard was found in China about 2,500 years ago, as this group included wild… Read More »

19 Amazing Nebula Facts

Nebula Facts The concept of the nebula The vast universe contains many manifestations of the magnificent power of God Almighty, and what most draws the human thinking is the space that includes a lot of celestial bodies such as planets, stars, nebulae, and the word nebulae is the collection of the word nebula, a cloud… Read More »

Top 8 Most Beautiful Cities in the World 

8 Most Beautiful Cities in the World The different countries of the world are characterized by unique natural and civilizational traits, which give them beauty. Towering mountains and exotic, such as: Nepal, or sandy beaches surrounded by coral reefs filled with marine life, such as:Australia, or diverse rainforest dense with wildlife, such as Brazil ,… Read More »

14 Constitution Facts

Constitution Facts The Constitution is an important document that outlines the system of government in the State and works to clarify the rights and duties of citizens, as it is the primary basis upon which the state and its form. In this article, we will mention a number of types of the constitution that have… Read More »

5 Interesting facts about Timbuktu

Timbuktu facts. The city of Timbuktu or Timbuktu is a desert city dubbed the jewel of the Sahara, one of the historical cities located in West Africa specifically in Mali, and is one of the most important capitals in it, and is a gateway between West and North Africa, and a meeting place for caravans… Read More »

30 Interesting Facts about Cordoba

Córdoba Facts The city of Córdoba is rich in the definition. It is the heart of Andalusia and has been known for its culture and wisdom. It also contains the most important monuments and the most beautiful landscapes. Names and titles that have been named through the ages Cordoba in the Roman era. Later it… Read More »

27 Interesting Facts About Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton facts. Isaac Newton is one of the most important symbols of the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century. He is considered one of the most prominent physicists and mathematicians. He described the physical movements of objects and developed a set of laws that contributed to the interpretation of many physical and natural phenomena.… Read More »

Unbelievable Facts about Romania and Complete Information

Romania Facts and Complete Info (Romania) is a European country, located for the continent of Europe in the south-east, and the region. where it is located on the continent of Europe in the Balkan Peninsula, it is one of the countries of the Balkan Peninsula, and for this region in the north-east. Romania, which overlooks… Read More »