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    leafy sea dragon

    The leafy sea dragon is a slow swimming fish that can only be found in the coastal waters of southern. Australia down to 82 feet (25 m) deepThese curious creatures utilize their leaf-shaped appendages to help them. Blend with the surrounding seaweed and kelp in their environment. They will even sway back and forth like plants in the water.

    Camouflage is their primary defense against predators addition, their body is covered in hard, bony plates with spines when threatened. A leafy sea dragon may curl up and present its spines to attacking fish. Leafy sea dragons can grow up to 14 inches (36 cm) long is thought that. Theyy can live seven to ten years since sea dragons have no teeth. They possess a tube-like snout that acts like a straw to suck in prey and swallow it whole.

    it must feed constantly on small organisms like plankton and shrimping takes place during the summer female can lay 200 to 300 eggs she will deposit them in the male’s brood patch located on the underside of his tail. Males are responsible for caring for the eggs.

    The male will incubate the eggs for around six weeks when the eggs hatch, the male-only releases a few at a time, causing it to take hours or days for all the young to be releasedLeafy sea dragons are threatened by pollution, habitat destruction, and poaching is illegal to collect leafy sea dragons from the wild.

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