The largest bird in the world

    The largest bird in the world The birds belong to the vertebrates of warm-blooded vertebrates, with more than 10,400 species, all of which are characterised by their body covered with feathers, and that the front limbs have turned into wings.

    Birds vary in size, the smallest of which is the hummingbird up to 6.3 centimetres long, and weighs less than three grams, while the most significant and most significant living birds is an ostrich.

    The largest bird in the world

    Ostrich is the most giant bird in the world The ostrich is the largest and heaviest bird in the world, where the height of males ranges between 2.1-2.7 m, and the weight ranges between 100-130 kg, females range between 1.7-1.9 m, and the weight ranges between 90-110 kilograms, and put ostrich females A huge egg weighing about one and a half kilograms, which is equivalent to the importance of 24 chicken eggs, which is the most giant egg of a living animal, and also the most significant single living cell.

    The ostrich is known scientifically as ( Struthio camelus ), and it is interesting to note that the name to which it belongs is ( Camelus ), and it is already similar to the camel in some of its characteristics, so it was called the old camel bird, it is like him have a long neck, eyes and long eyelashes and dense, They also walk in a similar way to walking, and like him can withstand thirst and high temperatures.

    The ostrich has a small head, large brown eyes, a short and full beak, and a long neck. Male ostriches are often black with little white feathers in the wings and tail. Females are usually brown. At 72.5 km / h, it also enables it to kick its enemies firmly, and each foot of the ostrich has only two fingers;

    The largest bird in the world

    General information about ostriches Here is some general information about ostriches:

    • Ostrich belongs to the bird’s flat chest; a bird can not fly because the bones of the chest are flat and not connected to the wing muscles; a condition necessary to be able to fly the bird from.
    • It is the home of the ostrich savannah and the African coast.
    • There is also a species of the ostrich that has settled in the Middle East and the Near East but has been subjected to overfishing, leading to its extinction.
    • The ostrich uses its wing mainly to flirt and show its position within the group.
    • Ostrich raises its head, feathers, and tail to show its sovereignty while doing the exact opposite to express submission.
    • The wing has a role in maintaining the bird’s balance, especially when it changes direction.
    • The ostrich has large eyes up to five centimetres long, making it the largest eye of any animal on land.
    • Ostrich feathers are distinguished from other birds’ feathers because they do not contain oil glands that isolate feathers and keep them dry.
    • Therefore, ostrich feathers can get wet from rainwater, and the feathers are not attached to each other, giving the ostrich a shaggy appearance.
    • After she had buried her head in the sand, an adult ostrich can make a powerful kick with his foot and claws killing a lion.
    • Egyptian vultures are able to break ostrich eggs by dropping stones on them, jackals, and hyenas feed on ostrich eggs as well.
    • Ostrich feathers ranked fourth in South African exports after gold, diamonds and wool in the early 20th century. Ostrich farming has spread all over the world for meat, feathers, eggs and leather.
    • Some mistakenly believe that the ostrich buries its head in the sand, and the fact that the ostrich when it feels dangerous and does not have enough time to escape, perch on the ground and extend her head and neck on the ground and remain static, and thus able to disguise itself in her environment because the colour of her head and neck is similar to the colour of the soil.

    Ostrich feeding

    Ostrich is a continent, which eats plants and meat as well. It feeds on locusts, rodents, lizards, and snakes, but it prefers to eat plants, especially roots, seeds and leaves, and the ostrich can grind and crush food in the sniper thanks to the gravel and sand you eat. The food reaches the stomach and is smaller in size, enabling it to be easily digested.

    Ostrich breeding

    The ostrich group consists of a dominant male and a dominant female called the main hen, as well as several females, and some roving males who join the group in the mating season.

    Ostrich males mature sexually when they reach the third or fourth year of age.

    In the mating season, males begin flirting with the females and try to impress them with dancing and to shake the feathers of one wing first, then the feathers of the second wing with the tail moving up and down.

    The dominant males mate with the dominant females, the rest of the females mate with the dominant males, or they can mate with the roving males.

    When the ostrich leaves the egg, it is about the size of a domestic chicken.

    When predators threaten the chicks, the male begins to distract the predator with his sounds and movements so that the chicks can escape and hide among the herbs with the female.

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