Know your personality from your colour

    Know your personality from your colour

    Many studies have shown that the character of the individual can be analysed and know the essential characteristics of the colours he prefers, as there are qualities for each colour indirectly indicate some of the attributes of personality and the most important of these colours and characteristics associated with the following:

    Know your personality from your colour

    Green colour

    • Commander of course.
    • Not easily provoked, but you are passionate.
    • She loves collecting photos and albums.
    • You are a lover.
    • Peaceful and quiet.
    • A good listener.
    • When you need advice, everybody has you.
    • She hates pollution.
    • Tend to your seas and oceans. Moderate.

    Black Color 

    • Loving the colour black is usually above average.
    • Proud.
    • Totalitarian.
    • You are tasteful.
    • Polite.
    • This colour may reflect depression for some people.

    Color Orange

    • The owner of this colour is wise. Social fun.
    • An organised and enthusiastic human being.
    • It is full of innovation, adventure and pride.
    • Your ambition is limitless. She loves attending parties.
    • Exercise. For food, you are the first to try the strangest types of food.
    • Do not like to appear and show in front of others.
    • Romantic and your heart is always warm.
    • Your confidence is great.

    Yellow colour

    • A person who prefers this colour is gentle, calm, lover and still ambitious yellow.
    • She likes to buy strange things.
    • Don’t want the inconvenience.
    • She loves the landscape.
    • You are respectful and conscious and diverse love arrangement.

    Pink Color

    • People who love this colour enjoy a hopeless romantic.
    • They are passionate.
    • They enjoy high intelligence.
    • This colour usually expresses femininity.
    • The pink lover is bitchy and spoiled.

    Brown colour

    • You are personal and conscious.
    • A brown lover, intelligent, respect money and you are a steady person.
    • You are good at buying valuables, and at low prices you hate impulsivity and questions abound.


    • Violet is the colour of idealism, property and power.
    • A person who loves this colour is a person who wants a lot of attention and love.
    • You love beautiful things but don’t find the organisation.
    • Usually in isolation.
    • You are so sensitive.
    • You always need to express yourself through art.
    • You are a very innovative person.
    • Always try new clothes like fashion.
    • It is worth noting that artists, collectors, fashion designers and photographers choose this colour and still tend to it.

    White colour 

    • People who prefer this colour are usually diverse in their interests.
    • White lovers love simplicity.
    • Always succeed in attracting people to you.
    • You have the ability to harmony and adapt to various friends.
    • Usually, they tend to periods of innocence and childhood.

    Do You Know Your Color Code Personality?

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