27 Interesting Facts About Isaac Newton

    Isaac Newton facts. Isaac Newton is one of the most important symbols of the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century. He is considered one of the most prominent physicists and mathematicians. He described the physical movements of objects and developed a set of laws that contributed to the interpretation of many physical and natural phenomena. The law of gravity and its discovery of a general binomial theory, and in this article, we will provide information about the great scientist Isaac Newton.

    Isaac Newton facts.

    About Isaac Newton

    • Newton was born on December 25, 1642, in (Walshrop) of the English county of Lincolnshire, fatherless father, where his father died three months before his birth and lived with his grandfather after his mother got married and left him.
    • He received his high school from the Aristotelian philosophical school Graham, although he was inclined to study the contemporary philosophy of Lockebler, Descartes, Galileo, and Copernicus, and in 1661, he entered Trinity College in Cambridge.
    • In 1665 he began to develop some mathematical equations, which have now become one of the most important equations of calculus, and in the same year received a university degree.
    • The university then closed its doors and stopped teaching because of the spread of the plague, and closed the university as a preventive measure against the plague epidemic that spread throughout Europe, which obliged Newton to retire at home for two years, during which he worked on the calculus and in the discovery of the law of gravity and lenses.
    • In 1667 he became a faculty member of the faculty where he studied (Trinity College), giving him room to publish his scientific papers and groundbreaking works on analysis in the infinite series.
    • In 1668 he received his master’s degree. He collaborated with Leibniz in developing the theory of differential equations, although both of them used their own symbols, where he later popularized the Leibniz symbols. Newton is said to have described Leibniz as a “ crook ” and spent nearly 25 years interrupting and different from him.
    • Newton lived alone and did not marry or have children until he died at the age of 84 years on March 20, 1727, in Kensington, and was buried in London in the cemetery (Westminster Abbey).

    Achievements of Isaac Newton

    • The first to prove that the white light was the result of a combination of several lights and that the light consists of small objects and invented the reflector telescope, which he presented to the Royal Society.
    • The first to prove that the movement of the planet and celestial bodies, based on mathematical laws, has confirmed (Kepler) theory of the planets, but he added to it by proving that comets are not oval.
    • In 1687 he published the Principe paper and became a world-renowned scientist with financial support and encouragement from Edmund Haley, where he demonstrated the three famous universal laws on the movement, which no one could prove for three hundred years.
    • He became a member of the English Parliament from 1689 to 1690, representing the University of Cambridge.
    • In 1703 he was president of the Royal English Academy, during which he was alleged to have stolen the astronomer’s catalog of the astronomer John Flamstead.
      In 1805 he received the title of Knight from Queen Anne.
    • In 1684 he published The Basic Principles, which laid out the scientific applications of dynamics and the laws of motion, and in 1704 he published The Optics.

    Gravity finder

    • In the seventeenth century, physicist and mathematician Isaac Newton were the first to talk about gravity openly and scientifically.
    • The famous story of the apple falling from the tree on his head was the moment he realized the reality of gravity.
    • Newton was able to apply the law of gravity, which he reached on the theories of Galileo and other astronomers and prove.
    • Newton also came up with the discovery of the attractors to develop three laws that reflect the movement of objects in general.

    Who is Isaac Newton?

    • Newton was born on December 25, 1642, and was an orphan father, where his father died three months before his birth.
    • Three years ago, his mother married and kept him with her mother until she was raised.
      When Newton reached the age of twelve, he attended The Kings School, where he was educated until the age of seventeen.
    • During his studies, Newton learned Latin, Greek, and foundations of mathematics, but then he was removed from school after his stepfather died.
    • Newton’s mother tried to force him to work in agriculture, but he hated it and did not accept it.
    • The principal of the Kings School persuaded Newton’s mother to bring him back to complete his education, and Newton was able to become the best student upon his return to school.
    • He completed his education at Trinity College in Cambridge and received his master’s degree.
    • Newton’s most prominent interest during his university studies was on theories of astronomers, philosophy, and mechanics. Later in his life
    • Newton returned to Trinity University but to be a professor this time.
    • During his lifetime, Newton studied many fields, including arithmetic, astronomy, philosophy, light, gravity in the universe, and the movement of objects.
    • Newton died on 20 March 1727 while sleeping in the house of a relative who was responsible for his care.
    • During his life, he did not marry, although he had engaged one of the girls, but he separated and did not complete the marriage.

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