Interesting facts about Mars

Facts about mars. Mars is the second smallest planet in our solar system and the fourth planet from the sun. Red Planet Mars is also often described as the Red planet because due to its reddish appearance.The atmosphere of Mars composed primarily of carbon dioxide.

Mars facts interesting facts about mars
Mars facts interesting facts about mars

Profile Of mars Planet

Temperature of mars Surface :  -153 to 20 C

Orbit Distance of Mars :  227,943,834 km ( 1.52 AU)

Orbite Period of Mars: 687 days (1.9 years)

Moons Of Mars : 2 (Deimos & Phobos)

Polar Diameter of Mars: 6,752 km

Equatorial Diameter of Mars : 6,792 km

Mass of Mars : 6.42 x 10^23 kg (10.7% Earth)

21 Interesting facts about Mars

Earth has 365 day a Year but A year on mars has 787 earth days.

After Mercury Mars is the second smallest planet in the Our solar system.

Blue sunsets On mars, sunsets are Blue.

Global wrming on mars scientists want to introduse global warming on mars to make life habitable for colonization.

If you weighed (68Kg) on earth you would weigh 26kg on mars and mercury because there are no garvity force.

4 billion years ago Mars had on oxygen rich atmosphere around.

The Largest Dust storms in the Solar system mars has the largest dust storms in the solar system they can last for months and can cover the entire planet

Nasa engineer designed a flag for Mars. Mars has a flag.

Soil on mars the soil on mars is particularly good for growing asparagus.

Ecpensive Movue the movie garvity was more ecpensive than the indian mars mission.

Mars had an ocean covering 19% of the planet’s surface $ billion years ago.

There are % planets Mercury, venus mars, jupiter and saturn you can see with the naked eye not using a telescope.

Magnetic field maras has no any magnetic field.

Temperature of Mars is (-63C) and its average temperature.

Size of the mars is about half the size of the earth.

In Mars our weight over 60% less than on earth.

$18000 to send a latter to mars according to NASA.

In 1610 Galileo Galilei was the first one to see Mars it vid telescope.

In 1965 the first successful mars flybu by the mariner 4.

Mars has 2 moon and our earth has one moon but another plants are many moons like neptune 14, saturn 62 uranus 27.

Mars is red why? because it is covered in rust (inron oxide).

In 2015 Uk’s royal mail estimated that it would cost £11,602 to send a letter to mars.

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