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How to connect the computer to the TV

How to connect the computer to the TV? Use connectors to connect the computer to the Tv  Types of conductors There are various types of connectors used to connect your computer to your TV. VGA: Legacy connection for video only, and you need other cables to connect the audio source is used. DisplayPort: A connection… Read More »

Know your personality from your colour

Know your personality from your colour Many studies have shown that the character of the individual can be analysed and know the essential characteristics of the colours he prefers, as there are qualities for each colour indirectly indicate some of the attributes of personality and the most important of these colours and characteristics associated with… Read More »

How to choose a professional camera

How to choose a Professional Camera How to choose the right camera for your needs a professional camera (SLR) is a camera that has interchangeable lenses. Photographers can unscrew the glass and replace it according to the subject, how far and depending on the location of the shooting and many other things. The professional digital… Read More »

What is Information Technology : Why is important

Information technology and its concept What is Information Technology Today, the world is witnessing tremendous development in the process of transferring data and information, and the exchange of text and media in high quality and in a short time? Information technology is the scientific application of science and knowledge in all fields, or the use… Read More »

How to become great ? 4 things you must do to become great

How to become great? To Be Great, You Could Start With These Tips How to become great? Organize your daily life Personal matters should be arranged. Daily life should be considered and organized, perhaps by going to bed early. Paying attention to the cleanliness of your clothes. Put them in the right place. Wearing what is appropriate… Read More »

What is the Stone Age : Facts about stone age

Stone Age It is a prehistoric period, in which man relied on stones to make tools, he used various types of stones, cut and sculpted, and made many weapons, and divides the Stone Age into three sections, namely: the Old period of time, the Middle period of time, and the Neolithic Age In this article,… Read More »

What are prime numbers and important in real life?

Prime numbers are positive integers (natural numbers) greater than one, which is divisible by only two numbers, the same and one without the remainder; the name is indivisible, and Primary numbers are infinitesimal Infinite numbers are infinite numbers, and positive integers greater than one, and the number of denominators more than two are called non-prime numbers… Read More »

Facts you need to know about migraines

Facts about migraines Migraine is different from any other headache. It is frequent and annoying, not only symptoms of normal head pain, but include other symptoms that may control the rest of the senses and can affect your mood and your ability to continue regular daily tasks normally, and patients may sometimes have to endure… Read More »

What is colour blindness

Colourblind Retinal neurons contain molecules known as rods, which are light-sensitive molecules that help a person seeIn low light, the cones are responsible for the eye’s vision of colour because they contain a set of dyes that allow the cells of the cones to respond to light waves in all three types short, medium and… Read More »

What is the difference between weather and climate

What’s the difference between weather and climate  Climate Climate is defined as the weather condition of a particular area for a long period of time, and it differs from the weather that describes the weather condition of a particular area in a short period. Climate comes from the Greek word klíma, which means slope or… Read More »

How to learn drawing

What is Drawing and How to learn drawing? Draw Painting is one of the art forms of plastic, known as Fine expression on the surface, using lines, or spots, or any tool, it is possible to record drawing thoughts, notes, and scenes in certain moments, it can also be an act preparatory to a means… Read More »