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Top 8 Most Beautiful Cities in the World 

8 Most Beautiful Cities in the World The different countries of the world are characterized by unique natural and civilizational traits, which give them beauty. Towering mountains and exotic, such as: Nepal, or sandy beaches surrounded by coral reefs filled with marine life, such as:Australia, or diverse rainforest dense with wildlife, such as Brazil ,… Read More »

5 Interesting facts about Timbuktu

Timbuktu facts. The city of Timbuktu or Timbuktu is a desert city dubbed the jewel of the Sahara, one of the historical cities located in West Africa specifically in Mali, and is one of the most important capitals in it, and is a gateway between West and North Africa, and a meeting place for caravans… Read More »

30 Interesting Facts about Cordoba

Córdoba Facts The city of Córdoba is rich in the definition. It is the heart of Andalusia and has been known for its culture and wisdom. It also contains the most important monuments and the most beautiful landscapes. Names and titles that have been named through the ages Cordoba in the Roman era. Later it… Read More »

Unbelievable Facts about Romania and Complete Information

Romania Facts and Complete Info (Romania) is a European country, located for the continent of Europe in the south-east, and the region. where it is located on the continent of Europe in the Balkan Peninsula, it is one of the countries of the Balkan Peninsula, and for this region in the north-east. Romania, which overlooks… Read More »

California facts | 99 interesting Facts about California

99 interesting facts about California California is a state one of those in the much-talked-about United States located in the Pacific region of the United States of America it’s one of the most widely known US states famous for its glorious weather the US film industry and hilarious surfer dude accents pretty much sums it… Read More »

The largest dam in the world Complete Info

The largest dam in the world The largest dam in the world. The culture of dam construction has been known since ancient times, but it has recently evolved considerably, and the number of barriers has been increasing in various parts of the globe. According to its importance, multiple countries in the world started to compete… Read More »

How the Solar System Works Complete info

What is the Solar System and How the Solar System Works? The solar system in which we live is moving according to a straightforward and transparent mechanism: the orbiting of the Sun that is the centre of this system, and the emergence of the solar system makes the nearest star, the sun, one of the… Read More »

Mount Everest facts And Complete Information

Mountains Mountains consist of steep or circular slopes of a high point rising from the area around 300 meters or more. It can be a single mountain or a group of mountains known as the mountain range. The mountains are formed by breaking down pieces of the earth’s crust called plates. Plate tectonics, causing them… Read More »

Largest Island in the world Greenland Complete info

What is Island? Island is a form of geography scattered across the earth. It is a piece of land located in the middle of an area of ​​water surrounded by all sides. The size of the island varies. It may be a small landmass that does not exceed several meters or extends to several kilometers,… Read More »

Africa | The largest country in Africa

Africa Africa has an area of about 3,024,450 square kilometers, making it the second-largest continent in the world, where it is connected to Asia through the Sinai Peninsula, and extends on the equator , the maritime borders are: the Mediterranean Sea in the north, the Atlantic Ocean in the southern and western part, The Indian… Read More »

The longest river in the world

River The river is a stream which has Dftan a large amount of freshwater flowing from the explosion of water from the eyes of the earth or stems from the lakes are present on the surface of the ground or as a result of heavy rainfall taking place. The flow of river water generates a… Read More »

50 Informative Costa Rica facts for kids

Costa Rica facts for kids. Costa Rica a tropical paradise like you’ve never seen before this small country almost the size of Lake Michigan sits at the meeting point of Latin America and Central America it’s full of hot-blooded people fantastic jungles breathtaking beaches and exotic fruits here you have one side on the Caribbean… Read More »