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5 Interesting facts about Timbuktu

Timbuktu facts. The city of Timbuktu or Timbuktu is a desert city dubbed the jewel of the Sahara, one of the historical cities located in West Africa specifically in Mali, and is one of the most important capitals in it, and is a gateway between West and North Africa, and a meeting place for caravans… Read More »

27 Interesting Facts About Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton facts. Isaac Newton is one of the most important symbols of the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century. He is considered one of the most prominent physicists and mathematicians. He described the physical movements of objects and developed a set of laws that contributed to the interpretation of many physical and natural phenomena.… Read More »

Computer history and stages of development

Computer History and Stages of development Stages of computer development and history The 1st Generation(1940 – 1956) lasted from 1937 until 1946, where the first electronic digital computer was created in 1937 by Dr John Atanasov and Clifford Berry, was called Atanasoff-Berry Computer, and in 1943 was the equipment (The Colossus) for the army, Other… Read More »

Interesting Facts about bees and info

How many bee eyes Interesting Facts about bees The number of bee eyes The bee has five eyes, three of which are located at the front of its head in the form of three black dots. These eyes are pure eyes that can only explore light through them, but they do not distinguish the types,… Read More »

Who is Nelson Mandela ?

Nelson Mandela Nelson Rowley Hilala Mandela, the first president of African descent to South Africa between 1994 and 1999, was chosen in elections that included all races and races in South Africa, and is the President of the African Council and Secretary-General of the Special Movement of Non-Aligned Racial racism, poverty, and inequality of rights… Read More »

5 Interesting facts about Christopher Columbus

interesting facts about Christopher Columbus some good some not good but right now we’re gonna focus on the fun and the positive so here’s 5 Interesting facts about Christopher Columbus Columbus was a red Head he was a redhead not only that but several of the United States as founding. fathers were also redheads so… Read More »