15 Interesting facts about Vietnam

    Vietnam is one of the most visited cities in southeastern Asia along with Thailand and Cambodia due to its rich culture controversial history and beautiful temples Vietnam is relatively small only 330 1210 square kilometers. something like the size of California and then has more shoreline than Florida since the war ended in 1975 the country bloomed with tourists willing to see all of its magical rivers and beaches and the enchanting old cities. Vietnam is a nature’s paradise that will make you fall in love with it instantly and keep you coming back to the unique culinary experience but let’s just cut to the chase here are 15 interesting facts about Vietnam.

    interesting facts about vietnam

    Interesting Facts about Vietnam cultural

    Interesting Facts about Vietnam cultural 

    1. Vietnam is a cultural mix of Chinese French and Japanese being such a small country Vietnam has had its struggles with Chinese occupation for over millennia in the northern area the French came across in the 1950s in the first Indochina war and the Japanese took over in the 1940s continually battling with powerful empires given the fact the country has a central location in the peninsula Vietnam hasn’t had a lot of time to heal all this constant fighting for its independence. has led to the country that it is today with influences from various other nations that ruled over we can see these influences everywhere from cuisine to literature music and even looks.

    Interesting facts about Vietnam UNESCO heritage sites

    Interesting facts about Vietnam UNESCO heritage sites

    2. it is the home of some fantastic UNESCO heritage sites with a geographical landscape full of hills forests rivers deltas and seashore Vietnam scores with its Halong bay a Unesco heritage site the bay consists of over 1600 cliffs of limestone rising from the sea at heights of over 200 meters tall the cliffs have different geological roots, and throughout the years they inspired old tales myths and increase the tourism in the Quang Ninh province significantly Halong bay is a highly photographed UNESCO heritage site due to its extensive panoramic views that can be seen from the shore or neighboring islands like Monkey Island.

    interesting facts about people from Vietnam

    interesting facts about people from Vietnam

    3. legend has it that people from Vietnam are descendants of an immortal Chinese princess the entire Asian culture is based on legends and myths, and Vietnamese people don’t lack their fair share of stories legend has it that the people of Vietnam were born after the union between an immortal Chinese princess from the high mountains and the Dragon Lord of the Seas after their marriage the princess bore 100 eggs to the Dragon Lord and the eggs soon hatched to give 100 sons convinced that their distinct origins would ultimately make them unhappy if they remain together the couple went their separate ways each taking fifty sons and establishing magnificent nations that stretched across Southeast Asia the king and his sons ruled over the lowlands, and his eldest son later found the very first of Vietnamese dynasty the story is a beautiful legend that parents still tell their children today

    interesting facts about Vietnam families

    interesting facts about Vietnam families

    4. families can only have two children, or else they face dire fiscal repercussions since 2016 Vietnam has recorded an astonishing number of 94.5 million inhabitants the country’s population has overgrown since the war ended in the 1970s it actually doubled during the past 50 years, so the government decided to restrict families only to have two children since that law was enforced the birth rate dropped 1.8 children per woman families that don’t obey this face fiscal repercussions like high fines and increased taxes the policy come with a lot of issues because many women died from trying to get an abortion or get sick from using inadequate contraceptives

    interesting facts about Vietnam tourism

    interesting facts about Vietnam tourism

    5. tourism brings in more than 900 million dollars every year more than 40 years after the battle stopped people still want to visit the wars most commented battlefields and see how it mixes with the ancient culture this mix of modern developing cities rich Asian culture and scraps of war bring in over nine hundred and sixty-seven million dollars as of December 2016 coastal Vietnam is highly visited by tourists all year round with more than 10 million international tourists visiting the country in 2016 alone other popular tourist destinations include the former imperial capital of way the world heritage sites of thong na ki bong national park and the marble mountains

    interesting facts about the country still faces extreme poverty nowadays

    interesting facts about the country still faces extreme poverty nowadays

    6. the country still faces extreme poverty nowadays like any other developing country the capital and some bigger cities are developing and growing very fast, yet some rural regions still live their lives with less than one dollar per day, this kind of poverty is smaller than it is in China India or the Philippines, but they still have people struggling to make it since not all regions can thrive from tourism agriculture or business opportunities the communist government the Americans tried to remove in the 70s plays a significant role in the country’s economic growth and inclusive strategy nowadays they enjoy the modern means of transportation sanitation has had a substantial improvement, and their literacy rate is at 95%, but they still have a long way to go

    exciting facts about Viet Nam’s first president

    vietnam flag

    7. Viet Nam’s first president is embalmed in a public mausoleum their first president Ho Chi Minh also called Uncle Ho died in 1969 he was loved by many, and as a sign of eternal recognition they embalmed his body and put it in a granite mausoleum in Hanoi it goes by the name of ho chi Minh museum in Hanoi, and it is dedicated to his life and work since he was the first president his birthday is now a national holiday celebrated across the whole country this kind of practice is commonly seen in communist countries such as Russia or China and their former leader of Lenin or Mao Zedong are celebrated the same way streams of people cue each day sometimes for hours to pass by Ho Chi Minh’s body in silence and to honor him

    Interesting facts about Vietnam a big part of the population suffers


    8. a big part of the community suffers from PTSD being at war for most of your recent existence as a country is not something that people can take on very quickly the constant bombing and injuries caused by grenades and mines have led to a lot of casualties, and it’s the reason behind the post-traumatic stress disorder most of the population suffers from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that eight hundred and thirty thousand Vietnam War veterans suffered symptoms of PTSD even 25 years after the war to this day the United States provides a range of benefits for veterans that include tax-free cash payments free Low-Cost mental health treatment. vocational rehabilitation services employment assistance and independent living support

    interesting facts about love market in Vietnam

    vietnam love

    9. there is a love market in Vietnam where you can find your soul mate this enjoyable social activity takes place every Saturday night in the city of sapa and involves young girls and guys from all villages that come to the town to meet one another they don’t actually trade their love, but they use the market as an excuse for getting to know each other and spend some time together everyone gathered at the market sings and plays different games according to their ethnic group’s tradition lots of people become intimate after the market and even get married the main idea is to spot a possible spouse coming from a similar background as you do base on the clothes worn or the songs played as you would imagine the market brings in a lot of tourists as well

    interesting facts about Vietnam local the cuisine

    vietnam foods

    10. their local cuisine is to die for as it happens with most Asian countries Vietnamese people eat a lot of rice besides that one of the most famous Vietnamese dishes is fucked a beef or chicken noodle soup that most people rely on as comfort food when sick it originates from French or Chinese cuisine a debate still going healthy about this famous dish you’ll find Vietnamese restaurants in pretty much every country but be aware of the fact that it’s very different from your regular Chinese and Japanese food, their culinary culture is developed around the five fundamental tastes spicy, sour bitter salty and sweet in northern Vietnam local dishes are often less tasty than southern dishes as the colder northern climate limits the production and availability of spices are you a foodie and enjoy eating all kinds of different things.

    interesting facts about Michael Jackson has his own happy land in Vietnam

    michael jackson

    11. Michael Jackson has his private, pleasant property in Vietnam inspired by the Disneyland entertainment parks in Europe and the USA Joe Jackson the father of late American pop star Michael Jackson decided to invest 2.2 billion dollars in the Vietnamese region along on creating a commemorative happy land for his son On February 14, 2011, and he attended a celebrating ceremony for what 09:33 he intends to be Southeast Asia’s most extensive entertainment complex with a 5-star hotel and amusement park called happy land don’t get super hyped by the thought of visiting though the multi-billion dollar project which has been designed to accommodate 14 million tourists each year was expected to be completed in 2014 but as of 2018 happy land has yet to open

    interesting facts about one of the must-see places in Vietnam

    vietnam city
    12. one of the must-see places in Vietnam is the forbidden purple city in a way the forbidden purple city is a walled fortress and palace in a way the former imperial capital of Vietnam, and back then it was only accessible to the royal family, and their servants established as the capital of unified Vietnam in 1802 hue was not only the political but also the cultural and religious center under the when dynasty the imperial city of Wei Is now a complex of monuments available to all visitors and tourists since its UNESCO. the site now and was under construction until 2015 you should definitely pay a visit to the forbidden purple city when in Vietnam

    white skin is considered absolute beauty

    white skin
    13. white skin is deemed to be sheer beauty while on the western side of the world women, and men spend time and money trying to get their skin perfectly tanned Vietnamese people praised the exact opposite white is considered to be the perfect skin colour since ten means labouring in the sun all day this is why whitening products are such big business across the country and Vietnamese cover up as much as possible when out in the sun the thought of people trying to meet society set standards of beauty is merely sad here at a Lux we encourage everyone to embrace who they are and decide not to change their appearance based on societal standards

    they drink snake wine for vitality

    drink snake wine

    14. they drink snake wine for vitality snake venom wine to be more precise how do they do it by infusing whole snakes in rice wine or grain alcohol and creating what they call snake wine this rice wine commonly drinks for health vitality and restorative purposes all over Vietnam the snakes preferably venomous ones are not usually preserved for their meat but have their essence and snake venom dissolved in liquor the snake venom poses no threat to the drinker it is denatured by the ethanol its proteins unfolded and therefore inactive and would be denatured by stomach acid anyway as you would imagine the beverage is a significant tourist attraction since it claims to have medicinal values

    Vietnamese man invented the ATM


    15. a Vietnamese man created the ATM stop for a second and imagine how life would have been different if it wasn’t for the invention of ATMs sounds a bit grey doesn’t make it well dear viewer I can tell you that my. Body Quang a Vietnamese American that had Over 50 inventions worked for u.s. city bank invented the ATM a breakthrough in the banking history that people continuously use in modern cities he was born in the central province of Quang Ngai and was well known as a student for being fond of learning and being very smart, Quang wanted his work to be about popularizing banking services and making these kinds of services accessible to

    everyone we are all grateful for your work duck Quang that was quite something wasn’t it we hope we inspired you to visit this fantastic country and discover all of its beauties for yourself, but before you go packing we’re curious to know would you dare to drink some snake wine are you still with us a lack sirs great because we owe you a bonus fact the first McDonald’s restaurant opened only four years ago having one of the healthiest

    cuisines in the world Vietnam was pretty late on the fast-food train, other Asian countries adopted the American chains earlier and are now battling with obesity among their populations, but in Vietnam, the first McDonald’s opened in February 2014 ho Chi Minh City the most populated city in the country since then KFC subway, and Burger King opened restaurants in the country, but the fast-food mania is still low with local cuisine. being the first choice reports show that these fast-food restaurants are not winning the hearts of Vietnamese consumers because they lack local tastes and rice.

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