Interesting Facts about Saudi Arabia

    Interesting Facts about Saudi Arabia

    if you want to know some of the most Interesting Facts about Saudi Arabia then keep Reading. Because that’s what we are discussing in this Post so without any further ado let’s begin. Saudi Arabia is an oil-rich Middle Eastern country bordering with Yemen Oman the United Arab Emirates Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, and Jordan.

    It dominates the Arabian Peninsula and remains an important regional. Park in Saudi Arabia is the thirteenth largest country in the world. And the second largest in the Arab world behind only Algeria at eight hundred and thirty thousand square miles the Arabian Peninsula is the world. Largest peninsula it is also the only nation which has the coasts on the Red Sea. And the Persian Gulf let’s see some of the interesting facts about Saudi Arabia.

    15 Interesting Facts about Saudi Arabia You May Not Know

    there are no rivers located in Saudi Arabia it is the largest country in the world without Arabic.

    over 95% of Saudi Arabia is a desert or a semi-desert including a food desert in the north and rub al-Khali empty quarters in the South only 1.5 percent of the land is arable despite all these facts interestingly Saudi Arabia has the largest gardens in the world.

    Ria’s camel market is one of the largest in the world which sells around hundred camels per day

    Drinking of coffee Ogawa is very prevalent in Saudi Arabia in Saudi culture. The host must offer kebab to his guests in the smallest car possible which implies that the horse. Intents, the guests to stay for a longer period if by chance the Kaaba is offered in a larger cup. The guests will feel offended and may even walk away in a huff.

    80% of the labor force in Saudi Arabia is non national and immigrants make up around thirty percent of the total Saudi population.

    The King’s Cup which bets up to two thousand participants racing across 19 commits. A strike is an epic camel race which takes place annually during the algin named Mastan festival in Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabian men typically dress in drops a lightweight cotton garment. Which is almost always white and comment equally to an academic reservation gown and girls are at the traditional headscarf.

    horses have played a key role in Arabian history Arabian horses are famous for their fine features speed and endurance and when essential aids in the spread of the Islamic empire.

    the kingdom’s oil reserves are used so the Arabia’s gaffer field is the largest in the world it has an estimated 75 billion barrels of oil left.

    Saudi Arabians petroleum sector makes up 45% of the Gross Domestic Product GDP which makes it bigger than the total GDP zuv Iraq Morocco Rwanda and Tonga combined.

    Annual military expenditure Saudi Arabia’s annual military expenditure is 4 times. As much as the GDP of Afghanistan Saudi Arabia’s military expenditure increased to 80 billion. In 2014 up from 2013 67 million which puts them. In the third place for military expenditure behind u.s. in China.

    Saudi Arabia d-serine it’s more seawater than any other country.

    Saudi Arabia is building Kingdom Tower which will be the world tallest bending it’s going to stand one kilometer tall.

    Over a quarter of Saudi Arabia’s population is under 14 years old. And almost half of the population is under 24 years old.

    The Arabian Peninsula is the world largest peninsula. It is also the only nation with its coasts on the Red Sea and the Persian. Gulf the after we won me be her move on our montage.

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