Top 10 interesting facts about Pluto- Interesting facts

Amazing Interesting facts about Pluto

interesting facts about pluto
interesting facts about pluto

Interesting facts about Pluto.pluto was the ninth planet from the Sun-Pluto is a dwarf planet Ring of bodies beyond Neptune Pluto was the first Kuiper belt object Pluto was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930.

The diameter of Pluto: 2,372 km
Mass of Pluto: 1.31 × 10^22 kg (0.17 Moons)
Orbit Distance of the Pluto: 5,874,000,000 km (39.26 AU)
Orbit Period: 248.0 years
Surface Temperature: -229°C
Moons: 5 (Charon)
Discovery Date: February 18th, 1930
Discovered By: Clyde W. Tombaugh

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Top 10 Interesting facts about Pluto

  • The name of this plant pluto an 11-year-old girl gave name Pluto its name Plutos.
  • Pluto takes orbit of the sun 248 years
  • Pluto size 1/4 the diameter of earth our moon is bigger than Pluto.
  • The sun while it was still considered a planet Pluto never made a full revolution.
  • The Pluto made out of the water and a blue sky pluto has ice.
  • It was discovered in 1930 by a young research assistant.
  • The Pluto surface has a heart shape.
  • It was too small but pluto not unique among a mass of objects that orbit the sun beyond Neptune Pluto was demoted to dwarf plan status not.
  • On earth, only ice is frozen water but on Pluto, methane-nitrogen and carbon monoxide also freeze solid.

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