Amazing Interesting facts about Pakistan

Interesting facts about Pakistan Pakistan officially the Islamic republic of Pakistan Pakistan is the world 6th biggest population country Pakistan has four Provinces (Sindh,Punjab,Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan) it has 4 bordering countries that include Iran china Afghanistan and India Both Urdu and English are its official languages. Urdu is its national language. The Pakistani currency is known as the Pakistani rupee (PKR). The citizen of Pakistan is called a Pakistani (singular) or Pakistanis (plural).

Interesting facts about Pakistan

Prime Minister >> Imran khan
President >> Arif alvi
Capital >> Islamabad
Population >> 197 million (2017)
Currency >> Pakistani rupee PKR
Official languages >> Urdu and english
Map references >> Asia
<< Area >>
total >> 803,940 sq km
land >> 778,720 sq km
water >> 25,220 sq km
border countries >> Afghanistan 2,430 kilometer, China 523 kilometer, India 2,912 kilometer, Iran 909 kilometer.
Natural resources >> natural gas reserves, limited petroleum, High-quality coal, iron ore, copper, salt, limestone
Religions >> Muslim are 97% (Sunni are 77%, Shi’a are 20%), Christian, Hindu, and other are 3%

Interesting facts about Pakistan

  • K-2 (Chagori) is the highest mountain peak in Pakistan and the second highest in the world.
  • The 1st Islamic country to attain nuclear power is Pakistan.
  • Babar Iqbal from Pakistan is the youngest Microsoft certified and Certified Web Professional Associate (CIWA) in the world.
  • Pakistan has the 6th biggest military force in the world.
  • Pakistan Gwadar port is the world’s largest deep sea port.
  • About 50 to 60% of the world’s footballs are making in Pakistan.
  • Pakistan (Chanaga manga) forest is the world’s largest forest.
  • Asia highest railway station is in pakistan (KAN KEHTARZAI,QUETTA)
  • 1st Computer Virus was created by two Pakistani brothers.
  • (INDUS BASIN) the largest irrigation system of the world is in Pakistan.
  • Pakistan has tow Noble prize the first one was for Dr. Abdus Salam in 1979 and the second one was
    for malala yousafzai.
  • Pakistani missile technology is one of the best in the world their missiles are acknowledged as one of the best in the world
    pakistan made a lot of missiles in a very little time since they became a nuclear power.
  • Pakistani air commodore M.M Alam was one of the greatest fighter pilots of the country he
    holds the world record of the shoot down 5 jet fighters in less than a minute this world record
    was made in the 1956 war which is yet to be broken.
  • The population of Pakistan ranks it amongst the top 10 largest populations of the world.
  • The crime rate of Pakistan is lower and it is not ranked amongst the top 25 countries with
    higher crime rates.

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