Interesting Facts about Most Extreme Boats

Interesting Facts about Most Extreme Boats.
Going fast on land is one thing but going fast in water is completely different. the world when it comes to speed it’s also arguably more dangerous as the water can be very unforgiving when. it comes to control and speed however there are some incredibly powerful watercraft that are out there and also some truly luxurious speed machines. that is hard to believe for that in mind we put together some of the craziest and fastest boats for your enjoyment.

Interesting Facts about Strider 11 ABT sport master

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Strider 11 ABT sport master it’s probably hard to imagine an inflatable boat. that has 730 horsepower but that is exactly what the Strider 11 ABT sport master has on deck. the boat has a modified engine compartment that houses a pair of 365 brake horsepower diesel engines which combined make the 730 horses. if that’s not enough the boat will soon have even more power with a 790 horsepower performance upgrade the inflatable low draft boat is built by the Italian company. Sachs and modified by the German tutor abt Sportsline the boat looks awesome with its carbon black tubes matte black hole and deck and the ABT carbon toolkit. the boat also has an exhaust sound control as a standard option it has polished stainless steel elements handmade bespoke cushions red and black logos. red and gray upholstery every cabin veneer and even has a massive fridge. if you want one it will cost you around $450,000 and there’s about 20,000 dollars worth of other options that you can add.

Interesting Facts about drag boat problem child

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drag boat problem child many of you might know about the Top Fuel drag racing sport. these incredible nitro-burning machines dominate the drag strip and run 500 cubic inches Hemi engines. that have so much power that the engine has to be torn down and rebuilt after every run the crazy thing is seeing one of these engines in a boat. yes, it’s true hydroplane racing got a lot crazier when someone decided to put one of these monster engines in a boat. this insane top fueled hydroplane named problem-child runs with the same eight to ten thousand horsepower supercharged nitro-burning 500 cubic inch Hemi engines, as an NH are a top fuel dragster or funny cars these bolts are crazy fast and when they take off they literally leap out of the water problem child has hit a top speed of 260 2.2 miles per hour. which is complete insanity when you realize it hit this speed in just 3.5 seconds.

Interesting Facts about spirit of Australia

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spirit of Australia in 1977 Ken Warby broke the outright unlimited world water speed record with a speed of 280 8.6 miles per hour. in his spirit of Australia which was powered by a Westinghouse j34 jet engine. which developed 3,000-foot pounds of thrust on October 8, 1978. ken wore be returned to blurring dam in Australia and ran a speed of 317 point five nine six miles per hour. which after 40 years has still not been beaten and is the fastest world water speed record one of the most amazing facts. is that can acquire three air force surplus jet engines for just $265 one of those engines would fail but one that cost him $65 that he bought for spare parts would go on to be the world. speed record component now Warby son dave is the pilot of a new boat. that the team built called the spirit of Australia – which has already set a 218 mile per hour wrecker.

Interesting Facts about bill Tomlinson’s

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bill Tomlinson’s 50-foot mystic cat my way catamaran this boat has plenty of high-speed achievements and was the 2011 top gun winner and was at 2013. lake of the Ozarks shootout where the boat hit a crazy 224 miles per hour which smashed the 208 miles per hour. record boat racing fans were in awe as Tomlinson’s 50-foot Mystic catamaran beat the record the boat is powered by a pair of 3,000 horsepower Lycoming g55 turbine engines. which are the same engines also used in the Boeing ch-47 Chinook which is among the head is lifting American helicopters. my way mystic powerboat is the only one like it as no two mystic power boats are built the same making it one truly unique and incredible boat.

Interesting Facts about aces of the sea

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aces of the sea Bluebird this company builds some really fast boats that have both high endurance and high-performance capabilities the Bluebird is one of those boats. which is the world’s most advanced rigid hull inflatable boat. the boat can be purposefully designed and colored to appear as a civilian or recreational boat. and thus provides a tactical advantage the Bluebird measures 32 foot is powered by 350 horsepower outboard engines which gives the boat a top speed of 65 miles per hour. even in rough waters the Bluebird includes a three-axis fully shock mitigated console which houses the operator seat and all equipment the boat is easy to maneuver and is equipped, with a state-of-the-art wireless communication system that allows full communications. between crew and passengers, these boats are bought and primarily used for law enforcement on the water when needed.

Interesting Facts about creampuff 1960’s

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creampuff 1960’s marathon bow this boat is a little older and was competing for clear back in the 60s. but don’t let that fact make you think it’s not powerful or fast the boat named creampuff was anything. but it’s powered by a 12 cylinder Allison v 1710 aircraft engine, and was the only United States developed. v12 liquid-cooled engine to see servicing during World War Two. it’s the same engine that was used in the p-51 Mustang fighter planes. how the engine ended up in a powerboat is truly amazing the Allison v12 in this boat. cranks out a whopping sixteen hundred foot-pounds of torque the boat. was built in 1961 for the unlimited class of inland lake marathon racing which was very popular in California. during the 50s and 60s during that time the Allison 12 cylinder monster was being dumped in boats drag cars and land speed racers. because they were cheap exotic powerful and intimidating and there were plenty of aircraft mechanics around that really knew how to make them run.

Interesting Facts about sprint of Qatar

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sprint of Qatar here is another incredibly fast and powerful boat called the sprint of Qatar. which is an all Atta m96 50 foot mystic powerboat catamaran that is powered by twin 3,000 horsepower. coming t-55 turbine engines the boat showed off what it could do at the 26th annual lake of the Ozarks shooting. in central Missouri in 2014 the first run the team pulled off a 210 mile per hour. run before they had to pull the parachute midway through their run however the second run was good. and the driver team of Sheikh Hassan bin Jaber Al Thani and British throttle man Steve Curtis obliterated the existing speed record of 224 miles per hour. held by the previously mentioned mystic powerboat my way by running 244 miles per hour. watching this boat fly through the water at this speed is an incredible sight to be sure.

Interesting Facts about Don z43 zr

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Don Z is a company that manufactures about 500 votes a year the 43 foot Zr powerboat is a really nice boat. that can be equipped with two mercury racing 1075 say engines that produce 1075 horsepower. each the 1075 si is a high-performance engine controlled by a microprocessor. and it’s the world’s most advanced engine system and the latest innovation in mercury racing each engine .has lice home twin-screw supercharger and has two fuel injectors per cylinder. the combination of the bolts hole and the engines make this one incredibly powerful and easy to maneuver powerboat. if you were looking to get into a Donzi boat with these engines it would cost around 420 thousand dollars.

Interesting Facts about fountain 47 lightning

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fountain forty-seven lightning another company that makes really fast and amazing power boats. is the company fountain and their 47 lightning is really cool the boat can be equipped. with a few different engine combinations such as the mercury racing 700 side which puts out 700 horsepower. and is a CNC machine 502 cubic inch engine for this boat that’s a combined 1400 horsepower. the engines in the boat are mounted in a staggered formation with the port engine forward of starboard engine for the ultimate in strength. and lightweight the whole and deck of the 47 lightning are comprised of hand-laid composite manufactured with multi-directional fiberglass high-density coring and Inter plastic vinyl ester resin. it is laminated through bolted and sealed together with heavy duty marine sealant.

Interesting Facts about sensation f4 high performer

sensation f4 high performer this boat made by Sun station is called the f4. and is a 43-foot step to be a bottom powerboat. that is every bit as fast as it looks it is powered by a pair of mercury racing HP 700 Tsai 502 cubic inch engines. which crank out 700 horsepower at 5400 50 rpm for 1400 horsepower. total every piece of hardware on the boat is customized and is outfitted. with numerous polished billet aluminum pieces including a billet aluminum dash plate housing all the Lavar sea marine monster gauges and billet aluminum step plates. the boat can easily reach speeds of 100 miles per hour. and ran 30 to 50 miles per hour in 5.7 seconds handling of the f4 is precise and predictable. and the interior of the boat is nothing short of incredible and the interior of the cabin has a flat screen up close television a sharp microwave. oven counter tops and plush lounges with two-tier upholstery it also has a touchscreen control system for the lighting. and air conditioning it’s a really nice fast boat but if you want one in this configuration you’ll have to spend $600,000.

Interesting Facts about the Xs are 48

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the Xs are 48 when it comes to luxury and high performance the XS is 48 is definitely a super boat. only 100 of these boats were made and are powered by two diesel engines that produce 2,000 horsepower. making it one of the fastest diesel-powered boats available the XS are 48 can reach a top speed of 100 miles per hour. which is pretty incredible considering it’s not a boat built for racing this ultra high-tech machine is equipped with all the nice things. to pamper any luxury seeker including a high spec entertainment system with not one but four 12 inch LCD screen a refrigerator and a microwave. so how much would you have to pay for all this luxury and speed? just one point eight million dollars and Hugh could be cruising around in style in this British built super boat. from Limington based excess mg marine which has gotten a lot of praise.

we hope you enjoyed the interesting facts about most extreme boats we want to know which one of these was your favorite let us know in the comments and Thanks for Reading

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