Amazing Interesting Facts about Jupiter

Jupiter is made primarily of gases and is there know as a gas giant. the jupiter is the fifth planet out from the sun Jupiter is two and a half time more massive than all the other plant in the solar system.

interesting facts about jupiter
interesting facts about jupiter

Profile of Jupiter

Recorded By Babylonian astronomers
First Record: 7th or 8th century.
Mass of Jupiter is: 1.90 × 10^27 kg (318 Earths)
Moons of Jupiter is: 67
Rings of Jupiter is: 4
Polar Diameter of Jupiter: 133709
Orbit period of Jupiter 4333 days(11.9)
Effective Temperature -148 C

interesting facts about jupiter

  • Diamond Rains Saturn and Jupiter have diamond rains.
  • (BARYCENTER) jupiter dosen.t orbit th sun center it orbits a spot in empty space beteen it and the sun called the barycenter.
  • The Fastes spining planet in the solor system is Jupiter.
  • The Magnetic field of Jupiter is 14 times stronger than earth’s.
  • Jupiter Has 67 Moons.
  • Juiter has the shortest day of the eight planets because the planet rotates very quickly turning its axis once every 9 houre and 55 minutes.
  • In our solar system Jupiter is the fourth brightest object.

Interesting facts about jupiter for Kids

  • Jupiter has in excess of 50 moons.
  • Four of the moons are the measure of planets.
  • Europa presumably has a fluid sea underneath its outside layer.
  • Io, one of the moons, has more volcanoes than some other planet in the close planetary system.
  • Ganymede is such an extensive moon, that it has its own attractive field.
  • Jupiter has rings, a reality that astonished researchers.
  • The Voyager 1 endeavor found the rings in 1979.
  • The thick rings are made of residue and bits of shake.

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