15 Amazing interesting facts about Indonesia

Today we’re looking at fifteen things you didn’t know about Indonesian interesting facts about Indonesia

 interesting facts about Indonesia

today we have a special one dedicated to one of the most amazing and Instagram evil countries in the world. Indonesia this amazing archipelago situated between the Indian and Pacific Oceans offers a great diversity and mixture. Between so many worlds it’s the world’s largest island country. Because it consists of thirteen thousand four hundred islands and the world’s fourth-largest population. Over two hundred and sixty million citizens of which over 87% are Muslim. The capital city Jakarta is a highly cosmopolitan mega city with various industries and somehow a lot of green spaces. Indonesia is full of temples and jungles so if you don’t know which Asian country. To choose from having a look at this one it’ll be worth it15 things you didn’t know about Indonesia.

Interesting facts about Indonesia the largest gold and copper mine is located on Java Island

number one. the largest gold and copper mine are located on Java Island. you would think the richest countries in the world have. the biggest Natural Resources in the world but it doesn’t always work as that Indonesia has. the biggest gold and copper mine in the world but it’s not the richest country the grass burg mine located. in Papua province of Indonesia is 90% owned by Americans and only 10% by the Indonesian government. in 2016 they produced four hundred and eighty-two million kilograms of copper and thirty million one hundred thousand kilograms of gold. this is also a case where foreign corporations come in and strip the resources away from a country while they pay workers minimum wage.

 interesting facts about Indonesia

Transgenders are very popular here

number two. transgenders are very popular here to Southeast. Asia is one of the most popular regions in the world for transgendered. people these regions of the world are known to be very tolerant here and in ways, it’s also a tourist attraction. some people come here just to try their sexual tourism and fulfill their wildest fantasies at very low prices at night. they are more alive than ever from catcalling to brothels they come in all shapes prices and sexual orientations depending on. what you prefer it’s funny how a country like Indonesia where over 80% of the population is Muslim to be so tolerating of such behavior.

 interesting facts about Indonesia

It’s a bucket-list destination

number three. it’s a bucket-list destination you’ve all heard about Bali Nusa Penida or Bandung. Indonesia is that tropical and exotic country. That all travel bloggers go to and the place.Where everything looks an alittle bit better with coconut water in your hand luxurious resorts.In the middle of the jungle Buddhist temples exotic fruits colorful and fresh food. Clear waters and pristine beaches are more than enough to convince you that the only expensive thing. Here is a plane ticket 100 percent you’ll fall in love with every little place you dare to visit.

 interesting facts about Indonesia

Some of the best coffee beans

number four. some of the best coffee beans come from here. this one is for the coffee enthusiasts. Arabica coffee beans are found in key places. all over the world the most famous being Ethiopia Panama Guatemala and Sumatra. the coffee beans from this Indonesian island are well known to be very flavorful. intense with subtle tones of herbs it’s quite a unique flavor for those who have never tasted. it and for that reason, it’s so praised by many for Starbucks and other big coffee companies. Sumatra is a very important and trusty exporter, in fact, Sumatra is the fourth largest coffee producer in the world. exporting both Arabica and robusta coffee beans.

 interesting facts about Indonesia

Robert Budi Hartono is the richest man with a net worth of ten point eight billion dollars

number five Robert booty Hartono is the richest man. with a net worth of ten point eight billion dollars, the richest man in Indonesia is also one of the richest men in Asia. his name is Robert booty Hartono and he made. his fortune doing tobacco business although he’s half Chinese Hartono is a very influential Indonesian businessman. with a net worth of ten point eight billion dollars. he has his strings deeply rooted into banking tobacco and investments he inherited from his father Jerome. the biggest clove cigarette brand in Indonesia while his brother has stakes in the biggest bank of Indonesia. central bank Asia together these two brothers are estimated to have a net fortune of roughly twenty-five billion dollars not too bad for a business that started with a gramophone back in the 1950s.

 interesting facts about Indonesia

Palm oil is causing a lot of deforestation

number six. palm oil is causing a lot of deforestation. such a beautiful and wild country. like Indonesia is at risk of deforestation due. to the growth of palm oil plantations although highly used and needed as a biofuel especially in Europe. the plantations will destroy the environment and other crops what’s even worse is. it also contributes significantly to climate change in Sumatra and Borneo. people are burning forests to make space for palm oil plantations which caused a lot of greenhouse effects and destroy ecosystems in order to keep. the jungles safe in these areas we need to stop using and support during this industry.

 interesting facts about Indonesia

They still use the death penalty for drug use

number seven they still use the death penalty. for drug use drugs is the most controversial subject in this region. they’re considered illegal in most countries and may be tolerated in others Indonesia tolerates some things to an extent but the majority of them are Muslim. and have been for thousands of years so drugs are considered a criminal offense the consumption and trafficking of drugs will get you the death penalty of course. that doesn’t mean that drugs do not exist there but if you get caught there’ll be no mercy especially if you’re a foreigner. they also use the death penalty for murder fraud corruption or sexual assault. if you’re not paying attention Indonesia can easily turn from heaven to hell.

 interesting facts about Indonesia

Interesting facts about Indonesia racism towards other colonial Indonesians still exists

number eight. racism towards other colonial Indonesians still exists. racism exists everywhere what’s even more curious is when people are racist towards. their own nationality just because they’re a little different or have different ancestors in Indonesia. most people are racist towards Chinese colonialists the entire archipelago has been under Dutch British or Portuguese. rule through the years the Chinese left their mark – but somehow native Indonesian. Hz are more racist towards them this behavior goes on to. this day and is also exhibited toward other religions other than Muslim or Buddhist faiths.

 interesting facts about Indonesia

The world’s largest Buddhist temple is in Indonesia

number nine. the world’s largest Buddhist temple is in Indonesia. every visit in Asia is topped with a visit to a Buddhist temple. and if it’s an old one it’s even better the biggest Buddhist temple in the world is located. in Indonesia, on Java Island, it’s called Borobudur temple and it consists of nine stacked platforms. 265 meters above sea level the temple dates back to the ninth century and shows. the influence India and their culture had over them it’s a beautiful place full of Buddhist statues sculptures and mountains. it’s also a sacred place for a pilgrimage every year.

 interesting facts about Indonesia

Interesting facts about Indonesia the world’s most beautiful house is in Bali Indonesia

number ten. the world’s most beautiful house is in Bali Indonesia. houses and interior design gets everyone excited. there are so many styles and textures to choose from it’s hard to decide which is the most beautiful house. Elle magazine submitted in 2017 to a vote of a few houses around the world and one from Bali Indonesia. one out of 17,000 entries it’s called the mandala house and it looks amazing. it’s a five-bedroom villa with beautiful pools and views a mix between California and Bali vibes. with luxurious touches, the price per night is one thousand five hundred and fifty dollars and you can rent. it for weddings events holidays or parties we told you this country will give you major travel.

 interesting facts about Indonesia

You have to be careful about what you eat and what your pet

number 11. You have to be careful about what you eat. And what you pet as amazing as it might look Indonesia is also very strange. When it comes to food culture and wildlife their culture of street food is very different from your usual one. They’re well known to serve fried insects such as grasshoppers or ants and even to eat. dogmeat although dogs and pork meat are considered sin by Muslims. the non-muslim population has no problem eating them another unique animal that lives only here is the Komodo dragon. that grows up to 3 meters in length it’s a venomous lizard. that only lives on Komodo Island and is now a protected species.

 interesting facts about Indonesia

Interesting facts about Indonesia devastating volcano is located here

number 12. The most devastating volcano is located here the world. As we know it has been shaped by volcanic eruptions throughout the years. One of the biggest and most catastrophic eruptions in the world. Was recorded in 1883 by the Krakatoa volcano in Indonesia this massive and still, active volcano plunged the entire region into darkness. After the eruption and fine dust drifted several times around. The Earth causing spectacular red and orange sunsets throughout the following year. And after it blew a series of tsunamis were recorded all the way to Hawaii and Southern America the entire world climate changed afterward. and it will again when it erupts next.

 interesting facts about Indonesia

Banks use debt collectors to get their money back

number 13. banks use debt collectors to get their money back. Indonesia’s economy is backed by strange habit money collectors. When people can’t pay up their deaths the bank usually tries to collect as much money back as. It can by selling your possessions or take your house If needed in Indonesia. The banks use some sort of bounty hunters darker-skinned intimidating minorities are used for collecting debts. They claim to be nonviolent but tools and manipulative tactics are used to get the money back. In fact, banks have been using people from Maluku for this job since the 1980s because it’s cheaper and they get the job done.

 interesting facts about Indonesia

Prison time can be very comfortable for rich inmates

number fourteen. Prison time can be very comfortable for rich inmates. Don’t ever think that when a famous or rich person goes to jail. They experience the same treatment no when you have the money. You have power and that’s what’s most important that rule applies in Indonesian prisons. Too but only for the rich a prison and Indonesia treats its rich inmates like throughout. The hotel they have a key to their cells furniture flat-screen, TVs with cable, a microwave, air conditioning, and the food. they want these inmates cells to look more like hotel rooms. rather than prison cells and although everyone knows about this still nothing has changed.

 interesting facts about Indonesia

Interesting facts about Indonesia Dian Pelangi is the most respected designer

number 15. Dian Pelangi is the most respected designer. the life of crazy rich Asians can be seen in Indonesia too. There are a number of influencers young entrepreneurs and designers. That amaze the whole world with their talent and lifestyle one of them is Deon Pallonji a Muslim fashion designer. From Indonesia with over 5 million followers on social media, She was included by Forbes magazine. In their 30 under 30 from Asia because her hijab designs are well known. In the industry and on the runways some of her designs retail for over $ 500.And are exquisite craftsmanship pieces. Just looking at her Instagram will make you think differently about Islamic fashion. Asia never disappoints a Luxor’s it’s really another world and Indonesia. Is far more amazing and fascinating than most we really think it’s a bucket-list destination that everyone should try to visit.

 interesting facts about Indonesia

what exotic destinations are on your bucket list. let us know in the comments. We would love to know and of course for sticking with us. Until the end you get a bonus here it is number 16. Their currency has the lowest value in the world. in Indonesia the national currency is the rupiah the value of one dollar. Is equivalent to 13 thousand rupiahs which makes a price a little misleading. If you don’t pay attention and especially when you pay with a credit card you can forget how many zeros are on your cheque. and that makes a difference between $15 and 150 dollars try to pay cash and count your money properly. tourist scams are popular everywhere especially. when it comes to currency exchange and Asian countries that don’t accept all credit cards.

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