Top 10 amazing interesting facts about Heart

Interesting Fun facts about the Heart you didn’t know

Did you know that your heart beats 100,000 times every day? Our hearts are amazing organs. Every heartbeat produces the same amount of force as holding a tennis ball in your hand and giving it a good hard squeeze. And yet, your heart is only the size of two hands clasped together and pumps 1.5 gallons of blood every minute. An average person has roughly 5.6 liters of blood. This means that every minute all 5.6 liters of blood circulates through the body 3 times. This organ is so vital for life and yet heart disease is the number one killer in our nation. Proper nutrition, exercise and stress management can help keep your heart healthy throughout your lifetime

interesting facts about heart
interesting facts about heart

Heart is most important part of our Body’s it’s made up of the atria valves,ventricles and veins. Main function of our Hear is to keep blood that’s full of oxygen circulating throughout your body most important to keep it healthy with a well-balanced diet and avoid things that can damage it like smoking

Top 10 interesting facts about Heart

75 trillion cells receive blood from the heart.

heartbeat changes mimics the music we listen.

our left lung is smaller than our right lung because its make room for your heart.

A study found 19% vegetarians are likely to die from heart disease.

In Human heart is not on the left side it’s in the middle.

Risk of heart attack Greater than that of nonsmokers 200% to 400%.

A study found than people who work 11 hours of more a day are 67% more likely to have a heart attack than
those with an 8 hour work a day.

Boost your immune system for laugh because laughing is good for our heat it reduces stress and gives a boost our immune

In australia Cotober 2014 Surgeons performed heart transplant using a dead heart and its first heart transplant.

stop Dividing the Heart cells means heart cancer is extremely rare.

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