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Interesting Facts About England. England is a beautiful country and that is part of the “UK” United Kindom. england shares landborders with wales to west and Scotland to the north northwest. the Irish sea lies east of England and the Celtic sea lies to the southwest.

Capital: London
Dialing code: +44
Currency: Pound sterling
Population: 49,561,800 (2002)
Population: 55.62 million (2017) ONS UK
Points of interest: Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London,
Official Animal: Lion
Highest Waterfall: Cauldron Snout Cumbria 200 feet high.
Nationality: English and British
Time Zone: GMT/UTC 0
Lowest Point: The Fens 15 feet below sea level.
Longest river: Thames (346 km)
Largest Lake: Windermere (14.7 sq km)
Tallest Building: 1 Canada Square Canary Wharf London 245 meters high.
The busiest airport: London Heathrow with 53.9 million passengers.
Flag: Cross of St George
National Day: 23 April
Geographic coordinates: 54 00 N, 2 00 W
Area: 129,720 sq km 50,085 sq miles
Major Cities: Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield
Anthem (Song): God Save the Queen
Official Language: English
Main religions: Catholic, Jewish, Sikh and Hindu, Church of England, Methodist, Muslim,
Highest point: Scafell Pike 978 m (3210 ft)

Interesting Facts About England

Interesting Facts about England

  • England people consume more tea per capita than anybody else in the world 2.6 times more than the
  • japanese and 20 times more than the Americans and the french.
  • The highest temperature ever recorded in England was 101°F 38.5°C in brogdale kent on 10 august 2004.
  • England is 70 times smaller than the US 60 times smaller than Australia and 3 times smaller than Japan
  • Public schools in England are in fact very exclusive and expensive (£10000 to £15000/year on average)
  • private schools.
  • England however 2.6 times more populous than Australia and 1.6 times more populous than California with
  • 2/4 times fewer inhabitants than japan its density of population is slightly higher than the country of the rising sun.
  • The world’s second largest hand book market can be found at a small village at the border of England
  • The village is also famous for proclaiming itself independent from the UK in about 1976/1977.
  • Among the 3 ghosts said to haunt athelhamptoon house one of them is an ape.
  • English people have the highest obesity rate in the European Union (22.5% of men and 24% of women).
  • They also have the highest percentage of overweight women (32.6%) and the 6th highest for men (42.9%)
  • French was the official language of England for about 300 years from 1065 till 1361.
  • On average, 480 people are injured by zips and 3,070 people are injured by slippers every year in the UK.
interesting facts about england

England facts for kids

  • In England, humans are living from more than 800,000 years ago, which is revealed by the discovery of footprints and stone tools at Happisburgh.
  • The continuation of human habitation date back to about 13,000 years at the end of the last glacial period (LGP) (115,000 to 11,700 years ago).
  • In England, there are numerous archeological relics that belong to the Mesolithic, Neolithic, and Bronze Age people, like Avebury and Stonehenge.
  • During the Iron Age, Celtic people were the inhabitants of England who were known as the Britons.
  • In AD 43, the gradual process of the Roman Conquest of Britain started under the rule of Emperor Claudius.
  • Until AD 410, Romans ruled on their province of Britannia that included the whole England and Wales.
  • At the end of Roman rule in Britain, the process of the Anglo-Saxon settlement of Britain began that changed the culture and language of people from Romano-British to Germanic.
  • Several kingdoms were established by the Anglo-Saxons and the Old English language was introduced that greatly replaced the previous British language.
  • The Anglo-Saxons engaged in wars with each other and with the British successor states in Cornwall, Wales, and Old North.
  • After 800 AD, the recurrent raids of Vikings led to the settlement of Norsemen in great parts of the region what is now England.
  • During that period, some of the rulers tried to unite many kingdoms of the Anglo-Saxons against Vikings.
  • Due to that efforts, the Kingdom of England came into being in the 10th century.
  • In 1066, the Normans conquered England under the leadership of Duke William II of Normandy (also known as William the Conqueror) who ruled England from 1066 to 1087.
  • From 1135 to 1154 was a time of succession crises in the region which is known as the Anarchy.
  • After the Anarchy period, England came under the control of the House of Plantagenet.
  • From 1337 to 1453, a series of battles fought between the House of Plantagenet of England and the House of Valois of France, which is known as the Hundred Years’ War.
interesting facts about england

Fun facts about England

  • In 1519, Winchester city was selected as the capital of England.
  • After the beginning of the industrial revolution in nearly 1760, the first nation that became industrialized was England.
  • The distance between England and France is only 50.45 km and both the countries are connected through an underwater tunnel.
  • It was an English scientist Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the World Wide Web (WWW) of the internet.
  • William Shakespeare was the most dominant English author who wrote Romeo and Juliet and other popular classics.
  • Lake Windermere is the largest lake in England, which covers 14.73 km² area.
  • Windsor Castle is the world’s oldest royal residence still inhabited by the owners.
  • Leeds city of England is one of the rainiest cities in Europe.
  • England covers about 65% of the island of Great Britain and also includes the Isles of Sicily and the Isle of Wight.
  • To the west side, England is bordered to Wales and to the north side with Scotland.
  • There is also an extensive coastline in England along the North Sea, the Irish Sea, and the Celtic Sea, Bristol Channel, and English Channel areas of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • The entire length of the coastline is 3,246 km (2,016 miles).
  • The geographic center of England is somewhere about 32 miles (51 km) southeast of Birmingham.
  • The Scafell Pike mountain situated in the Lake District is the highest point, which is 3,208 feet (978 meters) above the sea level.
  • The lowest point is located in the marsh region called The Fens, which is -13 feet (-4 meters) below the sea level.
  • Basically, England can be divided into two geographic zones:
  • The Highland Zone: which is characterized by rocky hills and eroded mountains that also have plains and valleys.
  • The climate of this zone is colder due to more rainfall and less sunlight. This zone includes the Cumbrian mountains, the Pennine mountains, and the Lake District mountains. The Cornwall and Devon counties are situated in the highland zone.
  • The Lowland Zone include the Chiltern Hills, Cotswold Hills, North Downs, and South Downs.
  • This zone has fertile lands due to more sunshine and relatively less rainfall as compared to the Highland Zone.
  • Due to the ideal climate and landscape, this zone is the habitat of most of the English citizens.

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