Amazing Interesting Facts About Egypt

    Interesting Facts about Egypt What do you know about Egypt! Egypt it’s home to one of the world’s oldest civilization and the
    29 largest country in the world by area with more than 82 M inhabitants. Egypt officially the Arab Republic of Egypt is a country in the Northeast corner of Africa. It is town to a wide variety of animals and plants the great places to see in this country wildlife are in its more than 20 protected regions, without the Nile River Egypt would be desert. 90 % of Egyptians are Muslim which means they are followers of the Islamic religion. and about 10 % of Egyptians are Copts. one of the oldest branches of the Christian religion. over 8000 years ago the 1st people to live on the banks of the The Nile were hunters and fishermen.

    OFFICIAL NAME: Arab Republic of Egypt
    CAPITAL: Cairo
    POPULATION: 87, 562, 261
    MONEY: Egyptian pound, guitar
    AREA: 1,001,449 square kilometers
    MAJOR MOUNTAIN RANGES: Eastern Highlands

    Interesting Facts About Egypt

    • The worlds oldest dress was found in Egypt 5000 years old.
    • The Capital of Egypt is Cairo and Cairo is the most populated city in Egypt.
    • Egypt official language is Arabic but many people also speak other languages like English and French.
    • Egypt official name is Junhuriyah Misr al Arabiya that meaning the Arab Republic of Egypt in English.
    • With a total estimate of about 92.2 million people, Egypt is the largest Arab country in the world. It ranks higher than Saudi and Iraq
    • Arabia which ranks 2nd and 3rd respectively
    • The world 15th highest populated country in the world is Egypt.
    • Egypt has the most facebook user compared to any other middle east country it ranks 21st in the world.
    • with an average of more than 20.14 million internet users. This social network highly
    • contributed and led to the success of the 2011 Egyptian revolution.
    • Egyptian short name is gypsy.
    • Egypt is larger covered by a desert it receiving only 15 to 20mm of rain per year.
    • Above 90% of Egypt’s population lives along banks of the river Nile which is known to be the longest river on the globe.
    • The biggest celebrations day in Egypt is Eid al fitr it comes immediately after Ramadan and the Egyptians bake
    • special cookies and host parties.
    • The most popular sport in Egypt is soccer but they also take part in squash, swimming, and tennis.
    • Egypt is known for their major deserts 1st one Sahara and 2nd one Libyan desert these deserts cover a significant part of
    • the country’s land.

    National animal of Egypt is the store eagle the Egyptian flag also features the eagle of Saladin inspired by ancient

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    • Egyptian text is written all over temples to signify dignity and pride.
    • The famous pyramid of Giza has some passageways that have never been explored. This pyramid actually has 8 sides and not four as most people believe.
    • Egypt imports almost all their industrialized machinery, with their major imports being manufacturing and machinery equipment.
    • Linking the Indian Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea, the Suez Canal is controlled by Egypt.
    • Major televisions and radio broadcasting services in Egypt are controlled by the government.
    • In Africa, Egypt uses more natural gas and oil than any other country.
    • To signify dignity and stay modest, Egyptian women keep their legs and arms covered.
    • Visitors are expected to take off their shoes before going into religious buildings.
    • With only a few grasslands and forests, wildlife is not common in Egypt.
    • The pyramids were erected with stones so heavy they weigh up to 10 tons each. It is still not known exactly how this was done.
    • Egypt ranks 124th in the world in terms of life expectancy. The average life expectancy is 72.66 years, with males living for about 70.07 years while the female range at 75.38 years.
    • In an attempt to conquer the frequent annual flooding of the river Nile, Egypt has one of the largest manmade dams: Aswan high dam.
    • Following the construction of the Aswan high dam, the fertile silt settled in Lake Nasser. For this reason, Egyptian farmers annually use over a million tones of artificial fertilizer.

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