Amazing Interesting Facts about Earth

Earth is one of the four terrestrial plant like venus mercury and mars. it is rocky at the surface earth is the third planet from the sun the only world know to support an atmosphere with oceans of liquid water on the surface free oxygen and the big one most important life.

interesting facts about earth
interesting facts about earth

Cool Interesting Facts about Earth

The largest earthquake recorded U.S in 1964 was a magnitude 9.2 that struck prince william sound alaska.

Atosphere of the earth’s is made up of roughly 21% oxygen.

the total weight of all humans on the earth is less than the total weight of all the ants on earth.

earthworms are hermaphrodites.

A martian day is about 44 minutes longer than an earth day means 24 hours 44 minutes one day of martaian.

unfortunately according to the WWF The earth lost 40% of its wildilfe in past 40 years.

Earth quakes turn water into gold.

270 searcher per person on eath per year Google handles over 2 trillion searches per year that’s about 270 searches per person on earth.

only One billionaire for every 3 million people on the earth.

One Sunrise to the next last about 29.5 earth days on average a full day on the moon.

There are 9 trillion kilograms and 1 billion tons of ants weight on earth.

if the earth had no atmosphere the oceans would evaporate.

according to studies melting glaciers and rising sea levels disturb the blance of pressure on earth.

mercury’s year occurs every 88 earth days.

On earth approximately 3.04 trillion trees.

Humans used only about .003% water on earth.

Aerospace of German Center discovered that earth lichens can survive in simulated mars conditions.

1500 earth quakes every year japan suffers.

if 150 lbs of you are weight on earth you would weigh 352 lbs on jupiter.

The earth was covered with giant mushrooms before trees.

Earth quakes are most common in california.

1 Billion people speal english language on earth 1 in every 7.

the sun revolves around the earth a third of all russains belive.

In nepal shrank mount everest on inch du to the 2015 earthquake.

population of the earth was less than 26000 million years ago.

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