Interesting facts about Christopher Columbus

interesting facts about Christopher Columbus some good some not good but right now we’re gonna focus on the fun and the positive so here’s 5 Interesting facts about Christopher Columbus

Columbus was a red Head

he was a redhead not only that but several of the United States as founding. fathers were also redheads so if you’re a redhead you’ll find yourself in some pretty good company of some courageous and smart men.

In the Movie rocky Columbus is part of the reason rocky balboa gets a title shot.

in the movie Rocky Columbus is part of the reason Rocky Balboa gets a title shot. at Apollo Creed’s World Championship title in the movie when Apollo Creed is looking for an unknown opponent from Philadelphia for a fight. to celebrate the country’s 200th anniversary he stumbles across the Italian. stallion Rocky Balboa and he likes the name the Italian stallion partly because America was discovered by an Italian. and he likes the idea of possibly beating up on one of his descendants.

Columbus was not the first European to go to the america.

Columbus was not the first European to go to the Americas well he’s not the first European to go to the Americas. why does he get the credit for discovery in America well the reason Columbus gets the credit, is because his discovery is the one that matters his discovery is the one that linked the old world of Europe. and the new world and formed a permanent connection between the two.

England almost financed Columbus trip.

when Columbus was trying to get financing for his voyage to try and make it. to Asia he approached several different countries. and they all turned him down except for Spain one of the countries he went to was England. and when they rejected him he went to Spain God is funding but then England actually changed their mind. but by that time Columbus was already committed to Spain and can you imagine. if Columbus sailed for England almost the entire western hemisphere would speak English pretty. wild and you never hear anyone saying these Mexicans need to learn English because they would already speak English.

Columbus never knew if he had ever been to Asia or not though others did know.

at the time of Columbus he didn’t know whether he’d actually made it. to Asia or not and he discovered the Americas totally by accident and some people want to discredit him. saying that shouldn’t really count because. it was an accent but hey a lot of the best things in the world you discover through complete accident the point is he had belief and he took action.

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