Top 5 Interesting Facts About Chinese New Year

Interesting Facts About Chinese New Year

Interesting Facts About Chinese New Year
we’re counting down the top 5 facts about Chinese. New Year unlike western, New Year’s the date of this colorful explosive celebration is ever-changing based on the lunisolar. Chinese calendar the Chinese New Year happens on the new moon of the primary lunar month and in addition to other things denotes, the methodology of spring.the passing of winters cold weather on the Gregorian calendar it lands somewhere between January 21st and February 20th oh so magical.

1 Interesting Facts About Chinese New Year

  • major celebrations take place around the world although it’s called Chinese New Year this holiday is celebrated around the world by a variety of nationalities in numerous countries also known as the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival it is a major holiday in many Southeast Asian countries including Malaysia Singapore and the Philippines in Sydney Australia where significant Southeast Asian Diaspora exists massive festivities take place over a three week span in North America large-scale parades can be found in countless major cities but San Francisco is credited as having the largest and oldest celebration outside of Asia dating back to the 1860s London in Paris both both spectacular celebrations to mark the occasion with revelers numbering in the hundreds of thousands it estimated that an earth-shaking one fifth of the world’s population celebrates.

2 Union the largest annual human migration

  • Union the largest annual human migration if twenty percent of all humans partake it’s not just the parades and festivities that are going to get overcrowded Chinese New Year is a time to reunite with family and friends but getting there can be tricky with so many people in transit this mass movement of people is so significant that it’s earned itself a name of its very own tune the Spring Festival travel period beginning roughly 15 days before the festivities start and running for forty days in total this human migration cripples China’s transportation system it’s impossible to get an exact figure but as of 2015 it’s estimated that over a billion trillion travel we’ll take an approximate 2.9 billion trip. outside go to the dangerous Indiana mom base in the treetops window.

3 it ends with the Lantern Festival in Western society New Year’s

  • it ends with the Lantern Festival in Western society New Year’s is a streamlined affair it’s ideally spent in good company celebrated with a kiss and for many people comes to a screeching halt New Year’s Day with an absolutely crippling hangover Chinese New Year however is a lengthy process even before things officially kick off little traditions are observed like the consumption of lava porridge a thorough housecleaning to wash away the old year and hanging holiday decorations official festivities kick off at midnight of the first day and then run for a full 15 days of celebration ending with the Lantern Festival the lantern signifies self renewal finding love good fortune and serve as a means to guide wayward spirits home watching thousands of lanterns float away sure sounds nicer than nursing that hangover.

4 Interesting Facts About Chinese New Year

  • Young men and women rent fake boyfriends and girlfriends, Millions of students and young professionals return home for Chinese New Year. where they will almost certainly be grilled about their significant other and progress towards marriage or lack thereof oh. and I could give in here though the entire kingdom wants to see you happily settle down with the right to go it’s a major source of anxiety for children of culturally traditional. Chinese families since remaining single in your mid-20s and beyond is considered inappropriate or a sign of failure so single girl in China especially you know in my age, it’s kind of hard so what’s a single young adult to do hire a significant other for the holidays at least the pretend girlfriend ever had both men and women. rent themselves out to singles in need over this period to a 29 year old from Beijing explain to the Financial Times that you even posed as a husband at the clients request if I’m lucky 20 from finding someone that not so means.

5 it’s the biggest global use of fireworks

  • it’s the biggest global use of fireworks at midnight on the first day of Chinese New Year things kick off with a bang or to be more accurate millions of things fireworks are at the very heart of the Chinese New Year tradition according to legend a fearsome creature known as the yin used to terrorize Chinese.locals over winter until one day a strange elderly person came to town and frightened it away utilizing sparklers from that point forward firecrackers have been utilized to head out insidiousness this used to drive away evil this isn’t your typical fireworks display when the clock strikes 12:00 – single greatest use of fireworks in the world begins in China alone thousands of organized fireworks displays they’re held notwithstanding a large number of home firecrackers set off.

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