Interesting facts about All kinds of cats

Interesting Facts About Cats

Cats, one of the most popular pets in humans, were domesticated by humans about 9,500 years ago. Cats are predators, so they have teeth and digestive systems that specialize in digesting meat. Cats are known to sleep at a rate of 13-14 hours a day, and some cats may sleep up to 20 hours to maintain their energy, and they prefer to sleep in sunny areas during the day because they enjoy heat and exposure to sunlight, which unlike humans do not show alarm of high Temperatures until their body temperature reaches approximately 52 ° C.

Cats are known for their love of playing, especially small ones, and they love climbing and sitting in high places. Even when they fall from altitude, they are able to adjust their position so that they touch the ground with their four limbs. Most cats hate to be submerged in water except for the Turkish vanity breed, which is characterized by its love. Severe rain, so it’s called a swimming cat. Females give birth to cats between 3-5 Kotaitat per abdomen, and be Alkotaitat at the small size of her birth, and blind.

Interesting facts about All kinds of cats

Interesting Facts About The most famous breeds Cats:

There are many breeds of cats, but the most prominent kinds are the following:

Siamese cat: Siamese cats are characterized by signs or areas of color that are contrary to the color of the body on the face, ears, feet, and tail. However, there may be some Siamese cats that do not have these signs, and many Siamese cats have a tail that ends with a knot. Some Siamese cats have an apple-like head and a full-body, and some have a more massive head and a slim body.

Persian cat: never has a cute face, short snout, also called the Iranian cat, or Shirazi cat relative to the city of Shiraz in Iran, and is characterized by a long fur and beautiful does not have a specific color, but you can find cats Persian in all colors almost.

Cat Maine universe: From cats that feature very popular, a large-sized and her fur thick brown color scheme, but often can be found in any other color. Maine Queen cats have an extra toe that increases foot size, an adaptation that helps them catch when snowfalls.

Ragdoll Cat: is a docile, relaxing cat, a dog-like character who tends to go after their owners around the house, similar to Siamese cats in terms of long fur and blue eye color.

Cat Bengali: These cats have gained its name from the Bengal tiger, it is the product of a cross between a cat and domestic Asian tiger; so they are characterized by the appearance of fur and dappled ground although they are cats pets.

Abyssinian: One of the cats with unique fur, where one coat of hair is colored light and other dark cats often appear in red and orange skin is the most common color in Ethiopian cats, but there are also Ethiopian cats cinnamon color, or Blue, or light yellow.

Birman cat: Siamese cat is a blue-eyed cat, but its medium-length fur is also similar to Ragdoll cat. Ragdoll cat is a hybrid breed of Berman cat, but it may differ from some signs. His character is different from Ragdoll’s cat.

Oriental cat short hair: never like the cat Siamese, but it is different from the color of his eyes, which are green often, as well as colors and patterns varied Fraih, and despite the fact that this cat is often short hair – making it susceptible to skin cancer, And cold disease – but some cats belonging to this breed have hair of different lengths.

Pharaonic cat: a strain of active social and cats, it is also unique to the lack of fur covers her skin.

Devon Rex Cat: Active, play-loving cats, slender with short, soft, wavy hair and large eyes.

Himalayan cat: It is similar to the cat Siamese caused by hybridization of a Persian cat and never siamese.

American shorthair cat: never round face, his ears are short and, as its name indicates it is a short hair, as it is characterized by intelligence.

Cat intruder: strain hybrid – like Persian cats, but they are shorter fur, characterized by calm and kindness, and do not need a lot of coats, such as the Persian cat care.

British short-haired cat: the oldest British breeds of cats, often appear blue fur, but this does not preclude the presence of cats, and other colors belong to this strain, which cats moderate activity.

Scottish cat tucked ear: This small breed cats ears straight, but when it involves reached the third or fourth month of age.

Domestic cat: The oldest breeds of cats, and there are cats of all colors and patterns, which are very diverse, including large or small cats, full or slender, depending on their proportions, and feeding.

Interesting Facts About Cats Names:

In addition to the above-mentioned breeds, there are several breeds of cats :

Norwegian forest cat: originally from Norway.

Burmese cat: Burmese origin.

Siberian cat: originating from Russia.

Tonkinese: Origin from Canada.

Russian Blue Cat: originating from Russia.

Egyptian Mau cat: originating from Egypt.

Ocicat: originally from the United States.

Never Singapore: originally from Singapore.

Manx cat: Origin from the Isle of Man.

Japanese short-tailed cat: originally from Japan.

Never Selkirk Rex: originally from the United States.

American cat ear wrapped: originally from the United States.

Chartreux: originally from France.

Somali Cat: Somali origin.

Turkish Angora cat: originally from Turkey.

Short hair cat with colorful parties: originally from the United States.

Balinese cat: Origin from the United States.

Ragamuffin: Origin from the United States. European Burmese :

Burmese: from the United States.

Havana Brown cat: originally from the United Kingdom.

American Bobtail Cat: Originating from the United States.

Turkish Van: originally from Turkey.

Burmilla cat: Origin from the United Kingdom.

LaPerm Cat: Origin from the United States.

Korat cat: Origin from Thailand.

American cat wired hair: originally from the United States.

California is never brilliant: originally from the United States.

Cymric, or Cymric: originally from Canada.

Munchkin cat: Origin from the United States.

Nebelung cat: Origin from the United States.

Savannah Cat: Originally from the United States.

Cat with white feet: Origin from the United States.

Toyger Cat: Originally from the United States.

Aussie cat, or York Chocolate Cat: Origin from the United States.

Aegean Cat: originally from Greece.

Arab cat: originally from the Arabian Peninsula.

Tiffany Cat: Origin from the United Kingdom.

Never Bambino: originally from the United States.

Brazilian short-haired cat: originally from Brazil.

British cat average hair length: originally from the United Kingdom.

Never Hantala- Tiffany: originally from the United States.

Chausie or Chausie: Origin from Egypt.

Cypriot cat: origin from Cyprus.

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