Top 10 Interesting fact about Asia

Interesting fact about Asia
Interesting fact about Asia

Top 10 Interesting fact about Asia

  • Asia is earth the largest populous continent in the world more than 4.1 billion population total land are of the 30% and 48 countries included in asia Continent 44579000 square kilometers.
  • Asia is the 30% of earth’s total land area, and asia is the earth’s largest and most populous continent with over 4 billion people
  • In the World the five most paracticed religion Islam Christanity Hinduism Buddhism and chinese folk religion have their origins in asia
  • Asia Consumed 90% of all the world rice
  • In asia China, south asia and africa aree eaten monkey brains as a delicacy.
  • Sill on the New Year Thailand celebrates this event (known as the Songkran festival) not on 1st January, but sometime in mid-April, for three days.
  • 50% of asia and africa and tow thirds of europes house holds pay a tv licence every year.
  • Cick roaches are served fried in asian countries like china thailand and other asian countries.
  • A century ago 100000 wil tigers in asia but today their Number have 3200.
  • 12 Million tons of mangoes produce every year asia in india
  • Most Chinese action movies had characters with a very unique hairstyleh-a tonsured beard and pigtail. Well, that is not a fashion trend.
  • The original merchant farmers were all from Asia, not Africa.

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