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6 Types of love in psychology

Types of love in psychology Love is the finest and most beautiful human feelings, and it is a cause of happiness, for love in its general sense is the abundance of emotions and feelings that a particular person feels towards another person, so he yearns for him and wants to stay near him for the… Read More »

Top 14 Duck facts

14 interesting facts about Duck Duck facts There are many shapes and sizes for ducks; they vary depending on the type of breed they belong to. All duck breeds in the world are originally traced to the wild species called Mallard. Millard was found in China about 2,500 years ago, as this group included wild… Read More »

5 Interesting facts about Timbuktu

Timbuktu facts. The city of Timbuktu or Timbuktu is a desert city dubbed the jewel of the Sahara, one of the historical cities located in West Africa specifically in Mali, and is one of the most important capitals in it, and is a gateway between West and North Africa, and a meeting place for caravans… Read More »

27 Interesting Facts About Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton facts. Isaac Newton is one of the most important symbols of the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century. He is considered one of the most prominent physicists and mathematicians. He described the physical movements of objects and developed a set of laws that contributed to the interpretation of many physical and natural phenomena.… Read More »

Unbelievable Facts about Romania and Complete Information

Romania Facts and Complete Info (Romania) is a European country, located for the continent of Europe in the south-east, and the region. where it is located on the continent of Europe in the Balkan Peninsula, it is one of the countries of the Balkan Peninsula, and for this region in the north-east. Romania, which overlooks… Read More »

California facts | 99 interesting Facts about California

99 interesting facts about California California is a state one of those in the much-talked-about United States located in the Pacific region of the United States of America it’s one of the most widely known US states famous for its glorious weather the US film industry and hilarious surfer dude accents pretty much sums it… Read More »

50 amazing facts to blow your mind

Here are 50 amazing facts to blow your mind. When he collided with another player during a basketball game, from that point on, he spoke and sang with a less posh accent and more of a street accent. The tusks of an elephant can weigh up to 200 pounds and grow up to 10 feet… Read More »

50 Random & Interesting Facts About Literally Everything

50 Random & Interesting Facts Here are 50  Random & Interesting Facts About Literally Everything #1. (exploding) No suspect was ever caught or charged for the 1982 Tylenol murders in Chicago that killed seven people. #2. The last time that all the planets in the solar system were aligned was 561 BC, and the next… Read More »

28 Types of Small Dogs and Breeds

Types of small dogs Dogs and their breeds The dogs of more animals popular pets in humans, companion human Savior A dog since it was Astinash by more than 12 thousand years. Dogs have been used throughout history to perform many tasks, including hunting, guarding, protecting humans from predators, and protecting and grazing livestock. Dogs… Read More »

Top 7 best Surprising Facts About Daydreams

What are Daydream facts Neurologist Dr Mirian defines daydreaming as hard work that occurs during the day and waking, and serves some essential functions, by being able to remember the past and imagine the future in a series of complex ideas, which are generated in the inner tissues of the brain, and these ideas change… Read More »

Facts about road safety and prevention of traffic accidents

Facts about road safety and prevention of traffic accidents Road safety and accident prevention Facts Road safety is the set of steps and methods taken to prevent and reduce the likelihood of accidents. Carry out the necessary maintenance periodically for the vehicle, to ensure its suitability to walk on the roads, such as inspection and… Read More »

Facts about insects and Information

Information about insects and Facts about insects Definition of insects Insects are known as one of the class Insecta or Hexapoda insects and contain fragmented bodies and legs attached to bony structures, external, and distinct from other arthropods through their bodies, which are divided into three main areas namely the head that holds the mouth… Read More »