The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean in the globe, and the largest geographical area as well, and is bordered on the east by the west coast of North and South America, and the beaches of Asia and Australia from the west, and the south alone by the southern ocean, and second in the Atlantic Ocean in terms of size and depth, then The Indian Ocean ranks third, followed by the Southern Ocean, and finally the Arctic Ocean by volume.

Information about the sea

The blue whale

Growing in the world of the sea creature can be up to three large buses, and weighing about fifty elephants are fully developed, the blue whale is so giant that some fish such as trout can swim through the magnitude of its magnitude, and his heart is the size of the same small car.

Other information about Sea World

There is a lot of information about the world of the sea, including:

Green turtles migrate 2,253,081.6 meters underwater to lay their eggs.

Terrestrial inhabitants are relatively new creatures in the geological timeline.

The oceans contain about 99% of the area on which living things on the planet live.

The male hippopotamus is the only animal known to man that gives birth and cares for the young.

Dolphins sleep by closing one eye, with only 50% of their brain, to monitor predators.

The octopus has three hearts and has blue blood.

Sharks have lived on Earth for more than 170 million years before the advent of dinosaurs.

Female ocean sunfish can produce more than 300 millimeters of eggs at a time.

There is a relationship between the elephant and the manatee.

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