Husky Dog facts and information

husky dog facts

Husky dogs are among the best and most famous breeds of dogs and are a requirement for many dog ​​breeds due to their good and western characteristics at the same time, as they are friendly and improve the behavior of all people even with children without causing them any harm, but in the case of non-dealing With it, in the appropriate way, these dogs can become annoying and hostile. To get to know the best way to help raise Husky dogs, you must first identify their characteristics, whether positive or negative.

husky dog facts

The most important characteristics of husky dogs for breeders

Hair loss

  • Husky dogs are among the least hair-loss dogs, except at the time of hair replacement, which occurs twice a year, as they lose a lot of hair due to its density because this strain possesses the thickest layer of hair.
  • It is worth noting that the change of hair in Husky dogs depends on the temperature, as the dog can change his hair more than twice a year if he is in warm areas.
  • Running away Husky dogs are very popular for escaping from their breeders, and they are among the most skilled dogs in this matter, as they can jump up to 180 cm, and in rare cases, some dogs have been able to jump to a height exceeding 250 cm.
  • These dogs can dig to the ground to escape if they are in a fully boiled residence.

Husky dogs facts

  • Messing around Whether inside or outside the home, Husky dogs can mess around a lot if they are not trained, and can cause a lot of damage inside the house.
  • Outside the house, especially on dirt floors, these dogs love pits and can completely destroy a garden while digging.
  • The guard Husky is one of the worst guard dogs, as previously mentioned it is very friendly even with intruders and thieves.
  • She is not famous for barking until she warns its owner of an intruder, as she prefers howl more than barking.
  • the control Husky dogs are famous for the presence of two layers of dogs, either the leader and are the alpha layer or the subordinate and are the omega layer.
  • Therefore, it is not recommended that these dogs be owned by people who are weak or very friendly, as the owner needs a strong personality in order to control the dog and make him dependent on him.
  • Curiosity These dogs are very curious and can harm themselves while exploring something new.
  • It is not advisable to release the dog while hiking as it may chase any small animal it sees.
  • the food Returning to the environment in which these dogs were found, I got used to the scarcity of food.
  • This type of dog does not need large amounts of food.


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