How to learn drawing

    What is Drawing and How to learn drawing?

    Draw Painting is one of the art forms of plastic, known as Fine expression on the surface, using lines, or spots, or any tool, it is possible to record drawing thoughts, notes, and scenes in certain moments,

    it can also be an act preparatory to a means of artistic expression The other, mostly painting, is a stand-alone work of art, with complete autonomy.

    Drawing is the language of a name, which is the source of the verb being drawn, from which the verb is drawn.

    How to learn drawing

    How to learn Drawing?

    How to learn to draw in Drawing 

    It is possible to master the drawing by drawing several things and for a certain period, but the duration of that period varies from person to person,

    depending on the skill in the use of both eye and hand, and the position of the drawing must be in front of the drawing board or table,

    so that the person When the drawing is comfortable, the upper half is straight, the elbow is on the edge of the table,

    and the lighting should be appropriate from the north. It is possible to learn how to draw by following several steps and exercises, as follows

    Ways to learn to Drawing.

    To learn to draw, you can follow these steps, but the start is simple so that the painter can reach a point where he can draw from imagination.

    First, it should be a simple, uncomplicated form that facilitates the beginning of the drawing process.

    The painter may not be very helpful in learning to draw.

    The beginning of the drawing should be with a light pencil; whose drawn lines can be erased very easily without leaving any trace in the paper.

    Understand the shape and dimensions required in order for the painting to be consistent and elaborate, and the painter can divide his paper on which he draws it into squares he draws with a light pen, and erase it after he finishes the drawing process.

    The shadow places are the dark places in the illuminated painting in the body.

    The light places are dark or dark places in the body. When projecting the shadow, its intensity and degree must be taken into account.

    After the drawing is completed, it should be reviewed and checked for places that need to be modified and corrected in order for the painting to be ready for display.

    Tools for learning drawing

    Pen: It is the most used tools in drawing, and the pencil is divided into two

    Types: oily pen used in drawing thick and dark lines, and the stiff pen used to draw thin and light lines, and each pen has certain specifications, for example:

    If the pen contains the symbol (H), it means that it is cruel, and this hardness sequences from the symbol H1 to H7. If the pen contains the symbol (B), it means it is soft, and the hardness sequences from the symbol B1 to B6. If the pen contains the symbol (HB), it means the proportion of both softness and hardness in it.

    Drawing fluid: It is a vial, which contains a material to fix the drawing, sprayed on the painting to keep it from erasing, and must be sprayed painting and the flask away from it, so as not to wet the painting, and then leave the paper to dry.

    Eraser: Eraser is widely used at the beginning of drawing practice and is available in many sizes and types, but the plastic eraser is preferred over the large white eraser, because the large white eraser may erase the drawing itself rather than erasing excess lines.

    Paper: The soft white paper is used in the first drawing attempts, and after the painter has enough confidence to move to the paper Unger or Alkonson paper; where Alkonson paper is available in different sizes and colours, it is possible to use brown paper if you want to draw the face; Human to paint.

    Drawing stage: make this plank of pressed wood and the opposite; so that the thickness of 5 mm, width ranging 35-40sm, a length between 50-60sm.

    Feather: It is used with Chinese ink and is used so that the hand is raised, and the lines are thin and thick, depending on the pressure strongly or gently, and drawing with the brush does not allow any adjustment, so it is best to use the pencil at first before adopting the final shape of the drawing.

    Charcoal: It is preferable to use Angus paper when drawing charcoal, so as not to scratch the paper, and after the completion of the drawing is used to install the graphics so that the coal does not disappear.

    Pastel: A red chalk that is in the form of pens, round or square bars, and is used to draft the drawing.

    Draw simple lines

    When drawing lines, the human eye should be aware of where that line will be. The drawings consist of many long and short fixed lines, and it is possible to face some difficulties in drawing primitive lines with a brush or pencil, so he must do several exercises,

    Draw horizontal, parallel and convergent horizontal lines.
    Draw long, short vertical lines and parallel vertical lines.
    Draw long, short, and parallel curved lines.
    Draw vertical lines intersecting with horizontal lines.
    Draw lines with different thickness.

    Draw simple shapes
    Simple shapes are drawings based on simple geometric shapes, such as windows and houses in the form of squares, or apples and balls in the form of an oval or circular, or draw trees that resemble in their triangular shape, and can be drawn by doing these exercises.

    Draw geometric shapes, looking at dimensions and angle values.
    Draw multiple squares and rectangles in multiple sizes.
    Draw two horizontal lines divided into equal distances.
    Draw a square and divide it into several sections using horizontal and vertical lines of four equal sections.
    Draw normal and parallel curved lines. Draw circles in multiple sizes.

    Draw light and shadow

    White is used in graphics, especially with clear colours; to indicate light, black means shadows, and is used with dark colours, and the shape of the shadows may vary depending on several factors, as follows.

    The position of the object to be drawn relative to the light source.
    The type of light; the colour can be natural or artificial.
    The angle from which the body is viewed.

    Steps for drawing

    There are several steps to make the drawing proportionally and consistently:
    Find the main axis of the drawing, and then place it completely in the drawing sheet.
    There should be a balance between drawing and real form.
    Determine the height and width of the drawing, and then draw it in a simple geometric shape.

    Types of drawing

    The drawing is divided into three types:
    Preparatory drawings: These are preliminary drawings, and are for another means of preparation, such as sculpture, photography.
    Simple drawings: Notes that have been recorded for a particular matter or situation, which are important at some point.
    Integrated Fee: is the artwork integrated and independent self – contained.

    Drawing people

    The drawing people from difficult operations, but it becomes easier if you follow a few rules, and the use of a medical book containing the human body and its structure form, is as follows.

    Draw the human body with transparencies, focusing on the edges of the body, and then repeat without using transparencies, relying on memory. Repeat the same first step, focusing on the muscles of the body.

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