Fun Facts About Countries

By | September 4, 2019

Fun Facts About Countries


fun facts about countries

fun facts about countries

In China, idiots are barred from university.

In Ireland, alcohol is forbidden in front of the cow.

In Switzerland, it is forbidden to withdraw the siphon after 10 pm.

In France, radio stations are obliged to allocate 80% of broadcasting hours to French songs.

In Austria, it is forbidden to eat ice cream in front of banks. There is also no sleeping market in Austria.

In Russia, it is forbidden to use bread to wipe the mouth after eating.

In Canada, it is forbidden to clean wounds in front of children.

In England, it is forbidden to walk naked in the street for people over ten years old.

In Japan, women are forbidden to sit (opposite) men in public restaurants.

In Burundi, citizens are forbidden to throw bodies in the streets.

Also, in South Africa, black men are forbidden to walk towards white girls.

Also, in Russia, it is forbidden to eat ice in May and June.

In Singapore, it is forbidden to sell or chew gum.

In France, it is forbidden for any pig to wear clothes resembling Napoleon.

In China, every family has more than one child is fined.

In Japan, Korean girls are also banned from working in restaurants and hotels.

In Australia, nighttime black clothes and rubber boots are also forbidden.

In South Africa, blacks were banned from roaming in Johannesburg outside office hours.

In Italy, non-Catholics are forbidden without the Pope’s permission.

In Burundi, it is forbidden to feed cats to five children.

In Denmark, it is forbidden to operate the car and under someone.

In Switzerland, leave the keys in the car and then leave the car open.

In England, an affair with the Queen’s husband is forbidden.

In Thailand, it is forbidden to leave home without underwear.

In Australia, sex is prohibited for people under 16 unless a parent is present.

In Toronto, it is forbidden to pull any “dead horse” on Young Street.

In Thailand, cars are forbidden to park above the national currency.

In Denmark, it is forbidden to wash pigs on Sunday.

In Ireland, it is forbidden to urinate on the farms of others.

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