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    Flounders are found on the seafloor of oceans around the world. These strange-looking fish are a popular food source, many species are fish commercially and recreationally.

    They are eaten in a variety of ways such as raw, fried, barbecued, and baked. Flounders are ambush predators. They utilize specialized cells called chromatophores to change their coloration to match the seafloor addition, they will flip sand over their backs in order to further camouflage themselves.

    Once hidden, flounders will patiently wait for prey, such as fish, crustaceans, and worms, to approach them before ambushing the prey in one swift gulp. Males spend most of their lives offshore. During spawning season, females will release thousands of eggs into the water. Eggs float to the surface and hatch in around two days.

    They begin life as normal looking fish with eyes on either side of their headLarvae drift with the currents and feed on plankton30 to 60 days after hatching, the flounder will settle to the bottom of the sea floor and beginmetamorphosisOne of their eyes migrates over the top of their head so that both eyes are on one side of their body.

    Their color also changes. This transition takes a few weeks to complete. The sex of the fish is not determined until after metamorphosis. The lifespans of different species of flounder vary from a few years to over a decadeDolphins, sharks,

    and monkfish may feed on adult floundersMany species, such as the Atlantic flounder, are being overfished. Flounders have a high tolerance for temperature and salinity changes. Some flounders are capable of entering freshwater rivers

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