Facts you need to know about migraines

Facts about migraines Migraine is different from any other headache. It is frequent and annoying, not only symptoms of normal head pain, but include other symptoms that may

control the rest of the senses and can affect your mood and your ability to continue regular daily tasks normally, and patients may sometimes have to endure Severe pain controls on one

side of the head may resemble impulses, what is the secret of this disease and what are the most prominent facts about it?

Important information about migraines and Facts

Facts you need to know about migraines

Whatever your knowledge of this disease, there are more facts you should know about it, and the following points may be interesting to you:

1. Migraine is the third most common disease in the world, with an estimated global prevalence of 14.7% (about 1 in 7 people), which exceeds the incidence of diabetes, asthma and epilepsy.

2.Diseases that hinder daily activities: Migraine or migraine is ranked seventh in the list of most illnesses that impede an individual from carrying out his daily activities. Half of those

suffering from migraines are less productive at work or school than half the normal range.

3.affects women more than men: women are more likely to get migraines three times more than men, 70% of those with migraines are women.

4. The direct cause is unknown: There are no specific causes of migraines, researchers believe that the genetic factor plays a role because most people have relatives also suffer from it,

but there are theories say that his pain arises due to inflammation resulting from the interaction between the trigeminal nerve and vessels Blood in the brain membranes.

5.has a lot of aetiologies: There are many cases experienced by the patient when suffering from migraines, such as anxiety, fatigue, noise and bright lights and lack of frequent sleep, as well as not eating meals regularly or eating certain foods.

6.symptoms fall into four stages: not necessarily that all patients go through or to the same degree, these stages are “gesture”, which are symptoms of pre-migraine and are constipation

and frequent thirst, urination and mood swings, and the stage of “Aura” and suffered by less than a third of the injured, and maybe Her seizures are sensory, motor or verbal, followed by

“seizure”. This stage is accompanied by headache, pulsation-like pain, nausea, sensitivity to light and sounds, and a “finished” phase in which the patient feels dizzy, tired and mood swings.

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