Facts about road safety and prevention of traffic accidents

    Facts about road safety and prevention of traffic accidents

    Road safety and accident prevention Facts

    Road safety is the set of steps and methods taken to prevent and reduce the likelihood of accidents.

    Carry out the necessary maintenance periodically for the vehicle, to ensure its suitability to walk on the roads, such as inspection and maintenance of the front and rear lights of the vehicle

    and to ensure the safety of windshield wipers, as well as inspecting the brakes and their effectiveness and tires air pressure and follow-up cleanliness of the windscreen

    and rear Continuous maintenance of roads and the construction of new roads accurately, to be in accordance with international standards, to ensure that they are free of obstacles,

    and the publication of the necessary signs, and guidelines necessary to protect the road The application of safe driving methods for the driver, he must abide by the rules and traffic rules and speed on the streets, and focus while driving and attention on the street.

    A lot of awareness lectures that will increase the culture of citizens with traffic safety, especially among schoolchildren.

    Tightening the process of granting a license is a must that increases the accuracy when citizens apply for a driver’s license and must be routinely inspected and given a license to be

    able to walk on roads or not, and heavy penalties for those who violate the laws and rules to deter anyone who disregards the disregard for the lives of others.

    Facts about road safety and prevention of traffic accidents

    Causes of traffic accidents

    The causes of traffic accidents may vary. They may be one or all of the following:

    The human factor, the accident may be caused by reckless, uncautious, or unqualified driving, and pedestrians may be the cause of unregulated street crossings and unauthorized places.

    The road, and means all the road bends and sidewalks, people, lighting and the validity of the road itself for driving, may violate a requirement of safety conditions on the road to many

    accidents. The vehicle itself is technically unprepared or equipped for walking on the road. External conditions, such as weather conditions that limit visibility.

    Car Accidents

    Traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of death and become a phenomenon that haunts officials and citizens alike. It is indispensable to ride cars to move from one place to

    another, but the fear of traffic accidents has caused them to cause problems, because the traffic accident occurs in seconds, Of course, the death and injury of people ranging from

    minor to severe, and of course the driver is primarily responsible for the accident and all the resulting damage, so it is necessary to raise awareness about the causes of accidents and ways to prevent them.

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