Types of crystal and Facts about crystal

Amazing Facts about the crystal. What is Crystal The crystal is type of glass known as soda and lead glass, which is a body of a homogeneous solid, it may be natural, such as diamonds, rubies, quartz, or industrial, such as sapphire industrial, selenium, which is used in many applications, such as tableware manufacturing, enters In cosmetics, accessories and others.


Facts about crystal

Crystal contains a specific chemical composition, consisting of one chemical element, or a group of items.

It includes a three-dimensional crystalline structure, where atoms or molecules are arranged periodically in the form of reticular rows, forming three-dimensional reticular levels.

It has similar numerical properties such as density and contrast, and its melting points are defined.

It has multiple geometric shapes and may be transparent, coloured, sculpted, or clamped. Reflects the falling rays on it.

Crystal is classified according to the type of chemical bond between molecules to Common gems such as diamonds, zinc sulfur. Mineral crystals like most alloys and metals.

Ionic crystals such as sodium chloride. Molecular crystals like sugar.

It has been used in many applications since it has long been used in the treatment of the mind, psychiatric illnesses and physical ailments when placed on the site of pain.

From the face, removing acne scars and skin pigmentation safely and painlessly.

Some types of crystal have their characteristics and Facts

Turquoise: The colour tends to calm blue that helps to calm the emotions, as used in the European. Renaissance by gentlemen to protect them during the fighting by putting it in rings.

Tiger’s Eye: Tiger’s eye has properties that stimulate positive emotions, protect against negative thoughts, and raise morale by looking at it.

Jade: This type consists of two stones, one called jade and the other nephrite, and the two healing properties such as emotional balance, and expel toxins from the body.

Pink quartz: associated with emotion and a sense of love and confidence, and relieves the body of stress.

Agate: The colour varies between red and orange, and has properties that relieve stress and promote ambition.

Amethyst: This type of crystal has a colour variation between light purple and dark and has properties that promote a sense of spiritual calm, restraint, the stability of emotions and enhance the ability to sleep.

Black Onyx: Used to relieve stress disorders and enhance self-control.

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