Definition of Facebook what Is Facebook

By | September 9, 2019

what is the Facebook

Definition of Facebook what Is Facebook

(Definition of Facebook )Facebook, or FB, is a website that was officially launched on February 4, 2004.

Facebook used for social networking and the most popular social network on the Internet. In 2012, the amounts  of active users were close to one billion, and in 2018 it increased to about 2.27 billion users per month,

This site allows you to share photos, text messages, and videos, as well as share status and feelings, to others and this is fun and amazing site, available on a daily basis in a regular manner,

where the new user is not difficult to use, as anyone can even It was not technical or tech-savvy to start publishing and sharing information on Facebook;

Facebook’s success is due to its ability to attract individual and corporate users, as well as its ability to interact with websites, by providing a single login.

Effective Barr multiple locations. Facebook also allows users to access and play games such as Bejeweled, Candy Crush, Farmville, and many other games, and access to the Facebook game room option from which to choose.

There are most of the games are free to play, and users can access Facebook from any web browser on the official Facebook website,, or access it via the Facebook app available on phones. Smartphones and tablet devices etc.

The Founder Of Facebook. who is the founder of Facebook?

The Founder of Facebook Is a young American Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, born on May 14 of 1984, where he was born in Dobbs Ferry County, located in the state of New York, as interested Zuckerberg in the field of programming

the computer; where he joined the Academy of Phillips Exeter, and in 2002, he joined Mark, at Harvard University, created a site where students could create, retain, and hold their own information and images.

Definition of The emergence of Facebook

The initial stage:

Established Marc during his studies at the University Web site called (, and that was on February 4 of 2004, Where he used this site; to enter student data and images, about half of the university learners registered in the site were launched in just two weeks.

Editing and Developing:

Mark, with the help of his university colleagues Dustin Moskowitz and Chris Hughes, made some modifications to his site, adding features that allow users to create profiles, upload photos, and other media, and focus on communicating and disseminating information with friends. And friends of friends, which Mark called social graph.

Stage of the establishment of the company:

In the summer of 2004, leaving Mark Harvard University , and moved along with his two colleagues to Palo Alto County in California ; to search for an investor that supports their project, this has been an investor is a businessman (Peter Thiel), where the granting of Marc capital, enabling him to In May 2005, investor Peter Thiel gave the company serious support, with $ 12.7 million, and four months later Mark completed the creation of Facebook, which was used to register from Accepted by school, college, and university students.

Generalization of the site:

Mark continued to develop his site until in 2006, he allowed anyone (non-applicant) to join a regional network based on where he lives, provided he has an email address.

The stage of receiving offers, contract deals:

In 2006, Mark rejected a financial offer billion dollars worth of Yahoo, but in 2007 a deal with Microsoft (Microsoft), and eliminate such recent obtaining a ratio of 1.6% of Facebook shares for $ 240 million, Digital Sky Technologies acquired 1.96% for $ 200 million, and over time, Facebook spread widely, attracted a lot of people. In 2012, it reached about $ 19 billion.

Facebook features

Facebook allows you to keep your friends list and choose privacy settings that control who can see the content on your profile.

Facebook offers a photo upload service and retains photo albums that can be shared with friends.

Through Facebook interactive chat over the Internet, and the possibility to comment on the profile pages of friends; to achieve the main objective of the establishment of the site; it is to share information and stay in constant contact.

Facebook contributes significantly to the support of the group’s pages, fan pages, and business pages, where companies, foundations, and entrepreneurs turn to social media and products, whether they are goods or services.

Facebook offers advanced, distinctive options for monetization and profit.
Through Facebook, you can stream live video through Facebook Live.

Definition of Basic components of Facebook


A place where users can express their identity and what is happening in their life by sharing interests, photos, videos, and personal information such as their place of the living, workplace, marital status, and other information.

News Feed:

A continuously updated list of news from friends, pages, photos, groups, and events where users can press the like button or write a comment on anything they see.

Facebook Messenger

(Messenger) is a smartphone-based application that allows users to send private messages, stickers, chat with groups, and make free calls.


lists of friends, which allow the user the private space to share information, images, and multimedia with a group of other individuals, such as family members, teammates, or best friends.


This service allows the user to organize gatherings, manage invitations, send notifications, and remind friends of important events, such as a gala dinner or fundraising for the community.


Facebook allows its users to add any video and share it with friends. It is worth mentioning that according to studies, Facebook users watch more than 100 million hours of video every day.


Facebook users can upload an unlimited number of high-resolution images, create albums, and choose the audience they want to see.


Facebook lets you search for people, posts, and photos shared by friends.


These are public profiles used by celebrities, public figures, companies, brands, organizations, and nonprofits to connect with Facebook users and reach as many people as possible.

Definition of Free Basics by Facebook:

This program allows you to browse specific employment sites, health, and local information without charge for data.

Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite is a program that is used for2G,3G Phones and devices weak networks in areas that are not connected to the Internet so that it consumes less data, but it works well.

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