Top 7 best Surprising Facts About Daydreams

    What are Daydream facts

    Neurologist Dr Mirian defines daydreaming as hard work that occurs during the day and waking, and serves some essential functions,

    by being able to remember the past and imagine the future in a series of complex ideas, which are generated in the inner tissues of the brain,

    and these ideas change as a result of information change contained to the neural pathways in the human body, studies indicate that approximately 96% of adult individuals have at least one case of everyday fantasies,

    which produce due to fluctuations that occur in mind, where he wrote the American psychologist William James function theory of mind E,

    and it pointed out that it is possible to shift the intellectual attention to the absent-minded things, or perhaps meditation leads to the creation of a state of lapses in transit,

    which in turn lead to a shift of focus from the outside world to the inner fantasies

    What are Daydream facts

    Daydream benefits and Facts

    There are many benefits and facts daydreaming.

    1. Brain rest, where daydreaming helps give the brain a chance to rest, where the brain has two central systems: the analytical part of decision-making and the empathic part, thus allowing a dream of vigilance to work between these two parts balance.

    2. Improving memory work Daydreams enhance memory work. These dreams help to strengthen memory work. Recent research at the University of Wisconsin and the Max Planck Institute for Humanities has shown a strong relationship between daydreaming and memory power.

    3. Increasing creativity, where daydreams play an essential role in expanding the creativity of some people because daydreams generate new creative ideas.

    4. Scientists have found that dreams are self-generated spontaneous thoughts, stimulate brain areas, stimulate creativity, increase cognitive ability, and improve mood.

    5.Increased love among people, where daydreams increase happiness, love and understanding among people, where research has shown that a particular type of dream, especially gender involves strengthening intimate and positive social ties between people.

    6. Staying healthy, research has proven that daydreams are a type of self-hypnosis, but they are low-level, help reduce stress, promote health physiologically, reduce fatigue and anxiety, and help sleep better.

    7. Promote the achievement of goals.

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