30 Interesting Facts about Cordoba

    Córdoba Facts

    The city of Córdoba is rich in the definition. It is the heart of Andalusia and has been known for its culture and wisdom. It also contains the most important monuments and the most beautiful landscapes.

    Córdoba Facts

    Names and titles that have been named through the ages

    • Cordoba in the Roman era.
    • Later it was named Cordoba.
    • I have recently nicknamed the Jewel of Spain.

    The geographical location of the city of Cordoba,

    Cordoba City belonging to the State of Spain tracking region Andalusia southern Spain mountains descend from the mountains of Serra Morena, Cordoba is located on the banks of the great river valley north of the equator, and is this river of the longest rivers in Andalusia and the fifth rivers among the rivers of the Iberian Peninsula.

    General information and facts about the city of Cordoba

    • Flourished in the Umayyad Islamic era.
    • The third-largest city of Andalusia.
    • On its territory are the most important monuments that have passed through history.
      It was the capital of government during the Islamic era.
    • It is the cultural center of Europe.
    • Cordoba is one of the most important tourist countries in Spain.
    • Its heritage features have been inscribed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO.
    • The climate is described as average in the winter is mild, but in summer, the climate is dry and very hot.

    Cordoba Economic Situation

    • The economics of Córdoba depend mainly on their excessive activity in traditional agriculture.
    • It is considered one of the most important tourist cities in Spain.
    • Silverware and jewelry are made.

    History of Cordoba Roman Córdoba and facts:

    • Founded as a Roman settlement on the north side of the river valley in 206 BC, it became the capital of the southern state of Bética of the Roman Empire and contained traces of Roman rules, such as the Roman Bridge, the Roman Temple, and a newly discovered Roman shrine.
    • Islamic Cordoba: It was divided into periods and eras, and from these times the era of governors, and the Umayyad era, and the era of Almoravids and kings of sects, and the era of Almohads, turned into a center for art and Islamic studies.
    • Córdoba, Spain: Emerged from its Muslim population almost completely but the rest of them were eventually expelled for the settlement of Christians but nevertheless hired Muslim workers and engineers to design buildings, palaces, and churches, in the style of Andalusia in the city.

    The most important landmarks of Cordoba throughout the ages

    • The Roman bridge was restored in the Islamic era.
    • The Roman Temple.
    • The Roman Arch.
    • The mosque has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site but has now been converted into a cathedral.
    • The city of Zahra, established by Abdul Rahman Nasser in the name of his wife.
      Arab Baths.
    • Cordoba Jewish Quarter.
    • Calahorra Museum.
    • Arab Fences.
    • The Palace of Cordoba.

    The most famous born in the city of Cordoba

    • Philosopher of the Roman era, Sinica.
    • The world of science in the Islamic era Ibn Rushd.
    • Theologian Imam Abu Abdullah al-Qurtubi.
    • Jewish scholar Maimonides.
    • Roman poet Lucan.
    • Spanish poet Juan de Mena.
    • Renaissance poet Louise de Concordia.

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