Canada Facts-Mind-Boggling Facts About Canada

Canada is a North American Country, Canada is the world 2nd Largest Country in the world after Russia.What do you know about Canada? here’s a list of Amazing Quebec and Fun facts about Canada, Interesting Facts about the life in Canada, and Canadians that you probably didn’t know! further down you can also read some more General information such as highest mountain, the biggest city, total population, currency national song, official languages, etc.

I want to challenge you. how many of these canada facts do you already know??? share your result in the comment box at the end of the post.

Canada Facts-Mind-Boggling Facts About Canada

Interesting Canada Facts

  • After Russia, Canada is the second largest country in the world.
  • Canada is the only Country in the world free of rats.
  • Alberta used first time Trick or treat.
  • world most Educated country! is Canada.
  • In 1947 Recorded lowest Temperature in Canada’s is -81.4 degrees Fahrenheit (-63C).
  • do you know? world largest coastline in Canada.
  • One Million letters are addressed to Santa claus every Christmas, at his own postal code (“HOH OHO”)north pole, Canada.
  • The longest street in the world in Canada (The Yonge street) is the longest street in the world, the young street is 1896km long.
  • 1-800-O-CANADA is canada’s official phone Number.
  • Canada has the world third-largest oil reserves after Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.

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