Boiling point of mercury

The boiling point of mercury

Boiling point of elemental mercury The boiling point of mercury is 356.9 ° C. It is noteworthy that it is a white-to-silver chemical element, whose chemical symbol Hg is derived from the Latin word “hydrargyrum” (liquid silver), and is located in the twelfth group of the periodic table, known in Egypt And the East since 1500 BC, and although it was discovered early toxicity, but was used initially for medical purposes, and mercury is the only element that is liquid at room temperature.

Boiling point of mercury

Characteristics of elemental mercury

Mercury has many characteristics,The atomic number has 80. Its atomic weight is 200.59. It’s melting point is 38.87 ° C.

Facts about Mercury

There are many facts about mercury,
Mercury is a rare element in the Earth’s crust, forming about 0.08 ppm, and is usually found in mercury sulfide. Mercury easily reacts with aluminium, so it is not allowed in aircraft in which aluminium is the common metal, where the reaction of the two substances damages the oxide layer that protects aluminium from oxidation, thus exposing aluminium to corrosion. Mercury is a weak conductor of heat and electricity and does not react with most acids.

Mercury uses

Mercury is used in many applications,
Currently used mainly in the chemical industry as a catalyst, it is also used in some switches and transformers. Previously used mainly in the manufacture of sodium hydroxide and chlorine by electrolysis of brine, and in the manufacture of batteries, fluorescent lamps, thermometers and barometers, but these industries were eliminated. Mercury fillings are used in dental fillings. Mercury is used in the manufacture of liquid mirrors, as a primer in firearms, inks of tattoos, contact lens solutions, and cosmetics

The boiling point of mercury practical in video

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